Friday, January 6, 2012


The boys were way past due for a haircut and I want their hair to be grown out a little for our upcoming vacation. The boys were so well behaved and so talkative.


Look at that shaggy hair.

Parker making a very Cody-esque face.

Since Parker went first and was so good he got a sucker.


I was worried Andrew would try to wrestle the sucker away from Parker, but instead he said “Please have taste of sucker.”


My camera wouldn’t take video but they were so polite to each other sharing the sucker.

With haircuts done we ran a couple of short errands and picked up dinner for Cody. Now begins the day or two of flubbing the boys names. I always forget just how much I end up relying on the boys hair to aid in telling them apart when I don’t get a good look at their faces. It’s a good thing I’m the one that usually helps them get dressed in the morning.


Someday they’ll cooperate for a group photo right? To be fair we had just gotten home from grocery shopping and they were trying to run off energy before I ushered them inside. I can’t believe it’s January in Utah, no snow and we are playing outside.

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