Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Boys night out

If you looked at Cody’s 365 Project you’ve already seen these pictures but if not here they are. Usually one night a week while I’m at work Cody takes the boys out to eat. One of their favorite places is Noodles and Co. They split adult sized mac and cheese and mushroom stroganoff with chicken and Cody eats whatever they don’t eat. Except last night where they didn’t leave him anything (yes I fear the teenage years).
One of the great things about Noodles is they will let you request what type of noodles they make your dish with. We’ve found that the cavatappi noodles are the easiest for the boys to eat.

Another benefit of this location is that they recognize Cody and the kids and will often set up their usual table with high chairs and fill the boys water cups before he finishes ordering. After they finished their pasta the boys requested smoothies and it didn’t take much to talk Cody into walking down to Jamba. Especially because they were perfectly behaved through dinner.
Cody said they waited patiently for their smoothies, I love that moment when their drinks are put on the counter and everyone starts saying “Smoofies please.”

Before they left for dinner the boys found a new way to play with their slide and the couch. Cody decided they were having so much fun he didn’t have the heart to stop them. He did put extra blankets down to pad the drop off the couch, but you can hear just how much fun and how excited they were.


  1. So cute! My kids love laying down on the couch and chairs with their heads off of it and just falling. I don't get why they love falling off of their heads and flipping their legs over.

  2. A great update/post! Thank you for sharing! The boys are just "the best".