Sunday, December 30, 2012

Catching up and Christmas Eve

I’m so behind on posting I’m not going to try to catch up. We’ve been busy with life and holiday stuff and I’ve been spending my evenings working on holiday gifts instead of at the computer. Since I last posted anything it was determined that Parker did in fact have a broken arm, he only had to wear a cast for two weeks. Just long enough for the novelty to wear off and he was very ready to have it removed. As soon as we arrived at the doctor’s office he told the nurse he needed to get his cast taken off and he climbed up on the exam table.


No tears, no complaints just a happy little boy who was excited to get a sucker and a sticker when the doctor was done. With his cast off he was completely back to normal, but still undecided if he is going to be left or right handed. We spent the weekend before the holiday running errands and doing some baking and decorating for the holiday. I had bought a gingerbread decorate kit with a giant gingerbread for each of the boys to decorate.
Cody did the icing while the boys added the candy, they had a lot of fun and I was amazed that they didn’t try to eat any of the candy. They loved sticking it on the men.




We had a family party the Sunday before Christmas with Cody’s extended family, this year it was held at a rec center. The kids had free run of the gym and various balls to play with.
Christmas Eve I had to work, but Cody was off and spent the morning with the boys. I had to pick up a final gift (next year we are going to be prepared) and the store was crazy. I made it home just in time to get ready to go to dinner. We had a great dinner with Cody’s family. The boys ate so well, I was shocked at the amount of steak they managed finagle from Grandpa and actually eat.
We did the traditional gift on Christmas eve for the boys. As I was getting ready to leave that night the boys announced that the gift was for them because there were three of them.


Surprise! Pajamas, they are not yet old enough to understand that they’ll be getting pajamas every Christmas eve.

Parker, Nicholas, Andrew

We made it home and put the boys straight to bed so Santa could visit and so Cody and I could have the annual wrapping party (yup procrastinating), we made it to bed by 1 am and were very grateful that we’d set the boys clock change color to signal the wake up time to 8:15 instead of the usual time.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our weekend

We had a somewhat busy weekend, Saturday our local grocery store had a holiday event. We took the boys to see Santa, get their faces painted and just get out of the house for a little while. We new the boys would be fine with Santa, it was a short visit and we didn’t even take a camera. I was worried that the face painting would be a complete fail, having a 3 year old hold still while cold wet paint is put on their face is always risky. Luckily they held still and even waited their turns without much fuss.

Andrew with his snowflake.

Nicholas with his ornaments.

Parker with his Christmas tree.

After sampling some cookies and wondering around the store for a bit we came home while Cody ran some errands. He had the van so the boys and I just hung out around the house.
Sunday was another low key day, the plan was to take it easy and go to Zoolights that night. We only ran a couple errands and started putting up the Christmas tree. This year I was debating on if we could put up the tree and trust that the boys wouldn’t knock it over, break ornaments, unhook any branches or worse cause the tree to leak water. Early this year we sold the fence that we have used in previous years to keep the boys out.
The boys were much more interested in playing in and around the storage tub the tree was in than the actually tree, hopefully they have been sufficiently warned and explained to that the tree is off limits. We’ll see, hopefully it will not take too many time outs for the rule to stick.
We took the boys on a nap drive to the zoo and arrived right as the Zoo Lights opened for the night. We made it through the gate to see Santa leading some of his reindeer to their pen. We headed straight for Santa as last years wait was really long and I wanted to avoid standing outside in the 27 degree for a half hour or longer.  The zoo even has a sign out explaining that the wait for Santa may be long due to the quality experiences. Luckily we only had to wait about 10 minutes before being directed to have the kids write letters for Santa. The boys drew a picture of what they wanted and we helped write down the request. When it was our turn the boys took their letters to Santa and were able to visit with him. I loved that there is no camera or sales involved, just a quality interaction.


The lights were great, most of the animals were in for the night or sleeping. Since it had snowed on Saturday the boys were more interested in stomping in the snow than seeing what few animals were awake. We still had a great time. The boys favorite parts were riding the carousel and the light train.


Cody was excited to take photos with the reflection off of the snow and wet grounds, he’ll need to go back by himself to really take the time to get more shots. Eventually I’m hoping the boys will be a little more willing to cooperate for photos and photo taking time.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Instacare visit #2

On Monday I was excited to go to work. After being off for a week and a half due to being sick and the boys being sick, I was looking forward to getting back into the usual routine. About 2 and a half hours into my shift my phone started ringing, it was the boys school. Having missed so much work I was almost expecting to be told that someone was sick and was worried about having to take more time off.
Good news was no one was sick, but Parker fell down playing outside and was refusing to move his arm. They waited about 10 minutes to try to calm him down and see if there was any change and he was still sobbing about his arm. The school was nice enough to run interference for Andrew and Nicholas so they didn’t see me come in. By the time I arrived it had been nearly 40 minutes and he was still crying.
I’m pretty sure the xray was the worst part of the entire doctor experience, Parker was very clear as to what hurt and refused to move his arm no matter what we did to try and get him to. They didn’t see any broken bones and it wasn’t dislocated, just a very bad sprain. They told me to leave the splint on for the week and if he was still complaining about it we’d need to follow up with an orthopedic.  He was given a couple suckers, an Avengers sticker and put in a splint and sling.


It was so nice to finally see him smile after hours of crying, he requested lunch at CafĂ© Rio (that’s my boy). He also came with me to pick out some temporary tattoos at Zurchers for potty rewards.
We took the splint off yesterday as instructed and he was still not willing to use his arm. I was expecting some resistance from his arm being stiff, but after sleeping without the splint he still wasn’t using the arm this morning. We think Parker is going to be left handed and he wasn’t even willing to color or eat using his hand. It looks like we’ll be going to an ortho on Monday.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Children’s Museum

Keeping with our goal of getting out of the house and doing something with the boys when ever we can. The museum is running a promotion for the month of December with a reduced admission price. We arrived just before opening in an attempt to beat the crowds. We stopped briefly to play in the ball area, but quickly headed upstairs to let the boys play in the visiting Tinkertoy exhibit.


At first the boys had no interest in the actual TInkertoys instead they focused on all of the big steering wheel like interactive pieces throughout the display.


Then they discovered some touch screen drawing tablets that they could play with, mirror image anyone?


We spent a lot of time in the Tinkertoy area, it took about 45 minutes before anyone else really came up. Nicholas was the only one who really got into building with the toys.


New to the museum was some wind tunnels to test how different shapes of paper fly, the boys loved it. The best shape was the snow cone shaped cups. They would spin around the tube before shooting out in a random direction.


After a lot of flying paper we headed out to see the helicopter, the boys are fine with it until someone hits the button simulating the sounds of a helicopter taking off. They don’t like how loud it is.

This is right after the button pushed and they ran out of the helicopter.

We decided it was time to brave the crowds and head to the main level. I’m not sure if it’s easier or harder now that the boys are older. Last year they had to be watched closely because they were able to get into a few places that they couldn’t get out of or just run in three completely different directions. Now we don’t have to worry about them getting into something they could hurt themselves, but they run much faster and don’t always look where they are going.
They had a great time playing with the water tables, pretending to be firemen, and playing in the store.

Added bonus of having brothers, someone to push your fire engine.

Nicholas spent some time working the deli counter making sandwiches.


He was really excited about adding extra lettuce and meat to each sandwich.

Safe to say they’ve grown a bit since our last visit.

After three hours the boys were ready for food and desperately in need of a nap. The plan was to head straight for the food court, but as soon as we made it outside we saw a mini train driving around the mall. The boys could barely control their excitement, so we followed the train and let the boys take a ride.


After doing a lap around the mall, the boys insisted that we both follow the train and take pictures. Then it was time for food and time to head home, the boys were exhausted. At most they slept 10 minutes on the drive home and made it a very early bedtime. Despite trying many things it doesn’t matter how late or early the boys go to bed, they are awake and ready to play by 7:15 if not earlier. Going to bed by 6:15 at least ensured they got a solid 12 hours of sleep that night.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Triplet family Christmas party

Saturday night was the second annual family party for the local triplet families. While the mom try to get together about once a month for dinner or another activity, it’s only a few times a year that we all bring our whole families. This year we had about 20 families make it, that’s a lot of people (and a lot of triplets!) It’s so much fun to see how much everyone has grown and not feel like that crazy family with the triplets that everyone points out.
Of course it was organized chaos with many kids running laps around the gym before dinner and playing with each other, it was a pot luck pasta dinner with salads and a desert table. We managed to get the boys to eat some pasta, they eat even more when they discovered parmesan cheese. Nicholas was carefully coating each noodle both sides with cheese and happily eating.
As dinner was wrapping up, we had a special visitor Santa snuck in the back door but was quickly spotted. Parker was at the front of the pack to meet Santa, all of the boys showed no fear and couldn’t wait to tell Santa what they wanted.


We managed to line the kids up to wait for their turn. The boys did fairly well despite being really excited and distracted by candy canes. As soon as it was their turn Parker climbed right into Santa’s lap. Santa then learned what happens when you ask them what they want for Christmas.


The boys have been pretty consistent in what they want from Santa, Andrew wants a cement truck, Nicholas wants a bus and Parker wants a red race car.  We attempted to get a good picture of the boys with Santa smiling, in over a dozen shots we couldn’t get all three to look at us. They wanted to talk to Santa instead. This is the best we got:


We did get one shot of Andrew looking at the camera, so I’m hoping Cody can work a little photoshop magic and swap him into this picture.
After Santa a giant game of ring around the rosy started, it was so much fun for the kids and all of the adults watching.



It was a late night for us, we got the boys in bed at around 8:30 and they were out without making a peep. I love that the boys are starting to understand Christmas or at least the concept of Santa. Our elf Melvin returned after Thanksgiving and the boys love finding him each morning. This year we still need to keep Melvin out of reach of the boys, next year I’m hoping we can do some more creative set ups without worrying about the boys touching him.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

We survived the stomach bug

It was a long week and a half, it started with me getting sick and one by one the boys did too. Finally by Saturday everyone was back to normal (for the most part) and we wanted to get out of the house. The plan was to get up and out early and if the weather didn’t turn ugly. While we were getting ready to head out the boys decided to get their Buzz Lightyears and take him flying.


At first they were just running around shouting “to infinity and beyond” until they figured out they could fly off the couch. All I could see was ER visits flashing before my eyes.

With shoes and jackets on we were out the door and the boys insisted on going on a walk before getting in the van. The boys kept taking turns running ahead and then running to each other for hugs. So much cuteness.


We had a errands to run, first stop was to try to find some sweaters for the boys to wear at a Christmas party we had that same night. While in the store the boys found the monster hats and insisted on picking some out. After getting their hats the boys were done shopping, Cody took them with him to get a drink at Starbucks (hurray for drive thru) while I picked out some sweaters and jeans.
Next stop was City Creek to let the boys run off some energy and of course visit the Disney store. The boys loved wearing their new hats and being monsters.


They ran in circles around the large fireplace for at least a half an hour before we decided to venture into the Disney store. Of course the boys rush to the Cars area and start picking out all of the cars they want. Eventually we ushered them back to the large screen showing Disney clips while Cody and I took turns looking through the store. We found some Christmas gifts for the boys and a Brave triplet bears and Huey, Dewey and Louie ornament. After dragging the boys out of the store we did grabbed lunch and did more walking. To get the boys to slow down or at least not run we asked them to hold hands.


I know at some point we won’t be able to convince them to do this, but while we can it’s cute and slows them down a little. We walked to see the fountain stopping on the sky bridge to watch the ‘trolley trains’ as they went by.


We saw the fountain and tried to keep the boys from getting soaked, we were mostly successful leaving with just some damp sleeves. We made an attempt at a group photo, the boys are getting a bit better and cooperating for photos.


At this point they were so ready for a nap and just done walking. I took them on a nap drive so they’d have energy and be in a good mood for the party.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving week and the days running up to it

Last weekend we had plans for some friends (Amy and Topher) to come over to play board games. Something we have been trying to do about once a month. We usually spend a good chunk of the day playing games we’ve discovered thanks to Tabletop or other games our friends have introduced us to. They also bring their five year old and 4 month old, the older boys will watch a movie or play with the room full of toys. Before they arrived the boys were a bit cooperative for some photos and were very excited to wear their new Angry Birds shirts.
I was excited to find multiple shirts of the same theme, especially since the boys have chosen their favorite colors. Andrew and Nicholas like blue, Parker likes red. So this day became a day of confusion for us. When the boys get up in the morning whoever volunteers to get dressed first gets to pick the first shirt of the three offered for the day. Andrew went first and I assumed he’d pick one of the blue shirts, of course he chose the red one.

Parker, Andrew, Nicholas Doesn’t help that Parker is giving us a very Nicholas like smile.

We played games for about five hours, we just bought Pandemic and learned to play it as a group. It’s a ton of fun to play since it’s a cooperative game we spent the time trying to cure disease instead of trying to figure out how to keep the guys from winning (well that’s what Amy and I do). It was the most fun I think I’ve ever had losing a game, we did win the second attempt though.
Sunday was a lazy day, Cody introduced the boys to a racing game. Since they have been obsessed with racing since we got back from California. The loved it! Doesn’t hurt that Cody has a racing wheel and pedals, everyone got a turn ‘driving’ it was a lot of crashing and going in circles while we ran the pedals.


Driving takes a lot of concentration.


At school the boys had a Thanksgiving themed week, they came home Monday wanting to make more turkey hands and insisting Cody did too.


Nicholas also wanted to make sure Biscuit wasn’t left out.


The Thanksgiving crafts continued on Tuesday where the boys painted giant feathers, those luckily stayed at school. On Wednesday Cody was only working a half day so he had already planned on picking up the boys from school. That turned out to be a very good thing. The boys made feathered hats.


Modeling his hat and eating a banana (I think).


Wednesday morning about 3 am the stomach flu hit me, but since my work has a policy that requires you work at least half of your scheduled shift on the day before and after a paid holiday to receive holiday pay I drug myself in to the office. I kept my distance from everyone and clocked out exactly half way through my day. I spent the rest of the day and the next two days in bed, stomach flu plus what I’m fairly sure is another sinus infection/head/chest cold.
Cody took the boys to Thanksgiving dinner at his parents after letting them play all morning in hopes of getting a car nap on the drive.


I more or less didn’t see the boys for two days, I wanted to make sure we did everything we could to prevent them getting sick. The boys loved all of the Daddy time, lots of playing with cars. Including some racing around the house.

Ready, set, go!

The stomach flu seems to have passed for me, still dealing with the other gunk but at least I’m functioning again. We were hoping Cody had dodged the flu and instead it was just delayed in getting to him.  Fingers crossed he recovers faster than I did and doesn’t pick up anything else and even more hoping the boys stay healthy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Simon Says

Sunday afternoon after playing in the snow the boys asked Cody to take their picture. This never happens, in fact more often than not they refuse to look at the camera and getting smiles can be like pulling teeth. Not one to miss out on the opportunity Cody grabbed his camera and got this:


It’s photos like this that remind me that they do look a lot alike. I understand why people get them mixed up sometimes, but spending so much of my day with them has desensitized me to seeing the similarities.
After Cody took that picture he asked the boys if they wanted him to set up his other camera stuff and they agreed. Not only did they agree, but they also gathered on the couch again for more pictures. It turned into a game of Simon Says.

Simon Says hands on your head:


Simon Says touch your ears:


Simon Says cover your mouth:


Simon Says hug Parker:


Simon Says yay:


Finally, Simon Says smile: