Sunday, July 31, 2011

New park

We found a new park to take the boys to play at. It’s huge with a big playground, paved paths, trails through trees and a small amphitheater. We’ve been there a couple times before when the boys were still to young to really enjoy the playground and the space to run. Cody took the boys today while I was at work. He took a fair number of pictures and video that he’s working on editing and one video with his phone.
In the two hours at the park they only saw one other person. Safe to say the boys had no trouble falling asleep at nap time.

One on one time

It was probably way past time that we started doing this, but Friday we officially started a setting up one on one time activities with the boys. Up to this point the only one on one time we’ve had has been at Dr. appointments of which there have been few with just one child.
So with Cody’s down Friday we decided that everyone was going to get some alone time with Dad and next down Friday everyone would get alone time with Mom. With the use of a Parker was chosen to have the first outing with Dad. They went to get an oil change. Not the most exciting adventure, but they had a good time eating a powdered donut. Sadly I only have camera phone pictures.

parker donut

Apparently he was excited and a little apprehensive about the car being lifted off the ground. While they were getting the oil changed I took Nicholas and Andrew to pick up some groceries. I was able to use a shopping cart and still use the basket of the cart.


While Target has shopping carts that two boys can ride in, I remembered why I don’t normally get groceries here. The selection isn’t what I’m used to and the aisles are much to narrow for me to take the choo choo wagon through.
After this first round of errands everyone met at home for lunch and nap time. Round two was Nicholas going to the pet store for cat food. Andrew and Parker went with me to the pharmacy and for a few items I couldn’t get at Target.
Round three was Andrew going out to dinner at Rumbi for a rice bowl while the rest of us ate dinner at home.

We learned that we probably should have started doing this much earlier. There was a lot of fussing, screaming and asking for Mommy/Daddy and brothers. As soon as Cody left with Parker I had a half hour of “Where Daddy go?” and “Where Parker?” A scene that was repeated each time.
It was fun to take the boys out and give them a little more individual attention. I have to admit it was nice to not get stopped constantly to be asked if the boys were triplets and all the other questions that go along with it. The boys were really well behaved for both of us and quickly got over missing the other parent or sibling(s) when confronted with donuts, cookies or sweet potato fries. It was a big reality check for just how busy we usually are with all three boys compared to what it’s like with just one or two at a time. I can’t wait for my turn to take the boys out solo. I’m sure we’ll run some equally exciting errands.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Splash pad fun

Before nap time today we took the boys to check out the new local splash pad. With Cody there to give them an example of what to do they actually got wet and had fun doing it. First they got a good look at where the water comes from.


Got their hands wet.


Then they got into the fun of splashing.



After about an hour the boys announced “all done” and “bye bye water.”


Home just in time for lunch and naps. We also looked at the playground behind the splash pad. It looks great, I really like that it has canopies over it so it won’t get so hot. We’ll certainly be back to play.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wheeler Farm

When we can we like to take the boys out to do something outside or somewhere they can run around after Cody gets home from work. It give them a chance to run off some energy and with any luck see something new. Last night we headed out to Wheeler Farm, the boys haven’t been to the farm since March. On that visit they stayed in their wagon almost the whole time. If I let them out of the wagon they fought over who got to pull the wagon. No wagon this time.


I used my phone to track how much walking or running around while we were there. I walked just over 2 miles so the boys probably did closer to 2.25 since they run back and forth everywhere. As soon as we arrived we spotted some roosters and geese. Nicholas wasn’t a huge fan of the geese at first. He was okay with them as long as they were on the other side of the fence. Andrew and Parker were happy to look at the geese while holding hands. So cute!


Andrew reached out for Nicholas’ hand but he wasn’t interested.

We stopped to see the flowers, very briefly stopped.


Nicholas was first to discover the playhouse. Safe to say he was excited about it.


Even with animals and open fields to run through the boys favorite part by far was all of the old tractors. They all climbed on and ‘drove’ them. As a sign as just how far the assigned color brainwashing is, in one field there was a red, blue and green(mostly) tractor. The boys went to the wagon of their color immediately. At least they didn’t fight.




After these tractors we took the boys to see the goats, rabbits and the cows. Of course opposite of the rabbits were more tractors. It was no contest as to what the boys wanted to see.



We left as the mosquitoes came out, with three tired little boys. I’m sure we’ll be back again soon for more exploring.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Riverdale splash pad

Yesterday the boys and I met some extended family at the splash pad and park in Riverdale. The boys enjoyed the playgrounds, but they spent most of the time hanging out with the family. The boys, especially Nicholas, immediately warmed up to my cousin Susan. They even ran from me to go hold her hands.
The boys again made it seem like we don’t feed them as they spent most of the time eating. Eating from the plates I made for them, eating food off of the other adults plates and diving into the fruit containers. They got to enjoy their first capri sun juice pouches. Eat a bunch of cookies and try other new foods.


I didn’t take the camera while the boys were playing on the playground, but I did try to get a couple pictures at the splash pad. The boys wanted nothing to do with the water. I don’t know if it was because it was crowded and they didn’t have a chance to ease their way in or just not wanting to get wet.


There was a lot of standing around the edge of the splash area watching the other kids playing. If they were not standing and watching they were running around the fence chasing each other. You can almost sense their lack of excitement at being at the splash pad.


After our attempt at playing in the water we went back to the tables for round two of the eating.


We did get all of the kids together for one big group picture. It’s crazy to think that all of these kids are the grandchildren of my second cousins. Making them fourth cousins I think and of course not one of them looking at the camera.


I had fun catching up with my family. The boys seemed to enjoy it as well. I think my secret is out on how I manage three two year olds. The boys were as mellow and easy going as they usually are. I don’t mean they were complete angels, they did run away from me a couple times and well acted like two year olds.  I think we are going to try taking the boys to a different splash pad this week, with luck we can get the boys to play in the water instead of just near it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Still alive and kicking

I’m getting behind on blogging. It has been a busy week with some family drama. The drama threw off our normal day to day schedule. Really threw a wrench into Cody and my sleeping schedule (I guess we are too old to stay up to 2 am on a week night). Luckily the boys schedule wasn’t disrupted.

The boys are talking much more than previously, it’s as if they suddenly decided to speak up. Cody asked the boys what they wanted to do for the night while I was at work. Andrew told him, “bicycle ride.” They love going on bike rides. It’s been wonderful for Cody to be able to take all three on his bike.

Two ride in the trailer and they take turns sitting in the bike seat.

Wednesday night Cody took the boys out to eat at Noodles downtown. While driving the Trax train turned down the street, the boys insisted that he “catch train.”

We’ve had some changes around here too. The boys have been introduced to Hot Wheels. Cody bought them each a Lightning McQueen car and an assortment of normal cars. We quickly learned that we’ll need three of each car or at least similarly colored ones. Their new cars have been driven on every surface in the house the boys can reach.

Another introduction this week was using the potty. Originally I didn’t want to get potty chairs, because, well, I didn’t want to wash out potty chairs. Not having a bathroom on the main floor though it’s the only option to let all three sit on the potty at the same time and not leave the other two running wild through the house unsupervised.

We’re not pushing potty training, just introducing the concept. We’ve been sitting the boys on the potty a couple times a day (first thing in the morning, after nap, before bed) and if they go we clap and cheer. If they don’t we thank them for trying. So far Parker has gone almost every time. I think he gets it, but we need to work on him telling us when he needs to go. With luck Andrew and Nicholas will catch up with Parker in using the potty. Someday we’ll be done with diapers and that will be a very exciting day.

Friday, July 8, 2011

More 4th of July pictures

Cody gave the okay to include pictures of him here. I wasn’t in any pictures, hiding behind the camera to avoid becoming involved in the water fights. Well most of them at least.  The boys really got a kick out of shooting the water guns at their dad. I promise he’s laughing in this picture.


I still can’t believe Cody could fit himself into the fish pool.


The small pools were filled with warm water from the house, so they felt like bath water. The boys were pretty happy just sitting in them and playing with the ducks and other water toys. Our niece decided that she preferred the warm water and stayed in the little pool for most of the afternoon. Or at least until she found out how much fun the slide is on someone’s lap.


The boys (for the most part) could climb up the slide on their own. I can’t believe how big they are now and how good they are at climbing.


I’m glad the boys warmed up to the water toys. I’m sure this won’t be the last time this summer everyone gets together to play.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

For the holiday weekend we stayed busy. Cody had a 4 day weekend so we took advantage of him being home. On Friday we took boys to the children’s museum and were very disappointed in the new Play exhibit. It was sort of lame and dangerous for small kids. The idea is to make games life sized, so they had giant pool table balls and 5 ft tall dominos. Sounds cool, but the pool balls were heavy solid fiberglass that could have crushed a toddler. The dominos were being used to build a tunnel that older kids were knocking down as younger children walked through. It was pretty crowded, but the boys enjoyed playing with the legos and stacking toys.
Saturday I took the boys out to give Cody some time to work on a project. We went shopping to pick up some snacks and to a recreation site. We sat at picnic tables for lunch and walked around a little before heading to a playground. I found a wonderful playground for the boys, 5 slides, no drop offs and in the shade. The boys climbed and slid down slides until it was time to leave for nap time.
After nap we met Cody’s sister and family for dinner then went to the park to play and feed the ducks. It’s great to see the boys playing with their cousins. Luckily Cody’s sister brought bread for the ducks (something I didn’t even think about). Next time I’ll bring plenty for everyone since the kids had so much fun throwing the bread. The walk from one end of the park and back was a long walk and the boys were exhausted by the time we got back to the van.
Cody and I both took pictures and some video at the park, but I haven’t looked through them yet.
Sunday I worked (as usual) which is always fun. After work we set up the kiddie pool and water tables to let the boys play and hopefully get them a little more used to playing in the pool outside to prepare them for the 4th. For the holiday the plan was to head to Cody’s parents house to let the kids play in the pools and on the water slide.
The boys were a little timid at first but eventually warmed up to playing with the water.


The slide was pretty hit and miss. Parker was the only one who could or would climb to the top and go down by himself. Nicholas climbed up on his own once and didn’t really enjoy going down. The boys eventually learned that the slide can be a lot of fun riding on daddy’s lap.


Grandma bought a bunch of squirters for the boys to play with. They love squirting all of the adults.


I have some entertaining pictures of the boys shooting water at Cody and their aunt, but as a rule I don’t post pictures of other peoples families or in their swimsuits online. In addition to all of the squirt guns and the pools there were also a ton of rubber duckies. Parker was hilarious with the ducks. Many comments were made about putting his ducks in a row.


After about 3 hours of swimming, splashing, squirting and some water fights. We had a nice dinner outside where the kids loaded up on cookies and rice crispy treats.
The kids tossed pop-its and we all settled down to watch some fireworks. I was worried that the boys were be terrified and at first they were none to happy about the noise. By the time we were done they were whoa’ing and wow’ing each fountain. Hopefully next year they will be ready for sparklers.
We got home really late and the boys crashed, so did we. I’m glad the fireworks went over well since we have another firework holiday coming up in a couple weeks.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Time to get the boys their own hats

In the last couple weeks the boys have started showing interest in wearing hats. They have their train conductor hats and an assortment of winter hats. Cody recently bought a new hat for himself and given the boys excitement over it. I think we need to go get them some little Utes caps.



Dads is just a little to big for them right now.