Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bedtime stories

The boys are really into books right now. As soon as they are placed in their cribs all we hear is a chorus of “book please.” Of course in addition to letting the boys read to themselves, which mainly involves a lot of pointing and random words, we also read. It’s hard to get a picture of this, but it’s so adorable the way everyone gathers for story time.


I love the little feet sticking through the rungs of the cribs.

Everyone settles in with a towel, a stuffed animal, a blanket or all three.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cozy coupes

For the boys first birthday they each received a cozy coupe and they love them. When they first got them the boys were fascinated with the cars but not able to do much beyond pull up on them and crawl around them. Now they have mastered pushing and riding in them and they love riding them down our driveway which has a slight decline to it or even ‘off roading’ on the lawn. For the more adventurous moments they will even push them next door and back. Luckily no one (at least while I was there) has tried to venture beyond the house next door.


I love the level of concentration on his face.

We have the occasional traffic jam.

This is as close to the street as Andrew knows he can get without getting in trouble and he and everyone else is testing us with that right now. They get right to the edge of the curb and look at us to see if we’ll respond.

Parker posing for the camera.


I look forward to when the lawn is green in the background instead of the current brown. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Both sides of the camera

Around our house the boys see cameras all the time. There are two DSLRs and a flip video camera. I try to take a couple pictures a day, but don’t always succeed. With how often the boys are exposed to cameras there are a couple of results. Nicholas wants to take pictures.

 1221916022_qxp3A-M[1] 1221917077_d7Nzv-M[1]
Just like his Daddy. Of course it has buttons and a screen that lights up, nothing cooler than that.

On the other end Parker will now sometimes pose for pictures when asked. We have no idea where he picked it up.

1221920935_xp9PX-M[1] 1221925785_9SHBv-M[1]
He stood in front of the flash and posed, trying a few different stances and arm positions.

Andrew is somewhere in the middle. He holds still for about 2 seconds before rushing at you to grab the camera.


Friday, March 25, 2011

So much for it being spring

Today we stayed in except for a quick run to Costco to stop up on milk. Just when I thought it was starting to warm up so we could enjoy more time playing outside, it snowed for most of today. I know it’s typical spring in Utah, but I was looking forward to more time at the park. I just want it nice enough for days like we had in January. A nice time playing at our favorite playground.


Climbing the stairs.


Going down slides.


And even more fun, playing on the grass and finding sticks.

1223555030_FabVk-M[1] 1223555403_9Qd2D-M[1]


Andrew in blue, Parker in grey, Nicholas with the lion.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

First train ride

Last Saturday we took the boys on Front Runner for their first train ride. We only rode about a half hour each way on a round trip and had a lot of fun.

The boys were fascinated with looking out the window and pointing out cars, signs and other trains on the track.


They were not as excited about just how loud and big the train was before we boarded. Andrew especially was a bit afraid of the train at first. He had a very tight grip on Cody and wasn’t letting go for anything.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When did they get so tall?

It seems like every time we turn around the boys are a little bit taller and their reach just a little bit longer. This usually results in a big mess. In January they were able to reach a bag of bread on the edge of the counter. It was right on the edge and barely in reach. This all took place while I was at work. The same kind of chaos happens when Cody is at work but I don’t usually take pictures.


At least they were sharing.

February it was a kleenex box on the kitchen table.


A few days later up on the counter tops they grabbed a bag of gold fish. After the bread we started keeping snacks further back on the counter top. Just when you think it is out of their reach, they show us otherwise.


Yesterday they pulled a box of crackers off of the stove. Nothing is on the kitchen table as we’ve learned it is no longer safe. Most of the pictures are of the boys getting into food, but they have pulled down paper towels, our mail and anything else within 5 inches of the edge of the counter.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wheeler Farm

Last Friday I met my friends and fellow triplet moms Kristina and Roxy at Wheeler Farm. It was the perfect weather for an afternoon outside. Don’t let the pictures fool you, the boys really were having a good time. Whenever we go out lately the boys go into an observation mode where they don’t smile for pictures, instead they just study the surroundings.
For the most part I didn’t let the boys run wild because when they all out of the wagon it turned into a fight over who got to pull the wagon.

Andrew stepped away from the wagon for a closer look at the chickens.

We all had our choo choo wagons, which surprisingly resulted in much fewer comments than I normally get when I’m out by myself, it seems like there is safety in numbers.

Kristina’s girls and the boys. At least two of her girls are smiling.


Andrew pulled the wagon for good distance. I’m still always surprised that they can pull the wagon with two kids in it. The boys each weigh between 28 and 30 lbs now. The wagon gets pretty heavy.

Nick’s turn to pull the wagon.

Andrew still much more interested in the wagon than the animals.

A cow was right next to the fence and allowing the kids to pet it. The boys were not interested in it, but it was as close as I could get to a group picture that no one had to be belted in.

I didn’t notice until later that I missed one. One of Roxy’s girls had run out of frame. Again the boys were far more interested in the wagons then the chance to touch a cow, maybe next time.

On the farm there is some old equipment that you can climb on so I went for the photo op and let the boys ‘drive’ the tractor.

1221824484_vfn6X-M[1] 1221824271_zsX5i-M[1] 1221824702_DDZ4r-M[1] Finally some smiles. The boys also enjoy climbing into the drivers seat of the van so of course this was a hit.

With all the the choo choo wagons we couldn’t resist lining them up for some group shots.



Family zoo trip

These were from January, but Cody went on a photo processing spree over the weekend so I want to start sharing the pictures. It was probably about 50 outside, which was really warm for January. We stopped at the entrance to let the boys play with the stone globe while trying not to let the boys get soaked.

If you ever wonder why we have different shoes and color code for the boys it’s so we can tell you who is who from behind and at an angle. It’s Andrew, Nicholas and Parker.

The boys got to experience a few things they haven’t seen before like the caves. I never take them in there with the wagon because it is to hard to navigate in crowds, so much easier with the double and single strollers.


Cody interacted with some of the animals and entertained the boys as well.


We also took the boys in the reptile and small animal house, it’s not very stroller friendly so the boys got to run from window to window looking at the animals.


The tigers were very popular of course to the boys they are just kitties. They spent a long time watching one pace back and forth and getting irritated with Cody.

1223537867_mXZBY-M[1] 1223538189_B9Qzk-M[1]

The tiger did not like Cody getting up close to the fence with his camera. Of course we had to let the boys play on the tiger statue.

1223535828_jHBfZ-M[1] 1223537290_7YMD6-M[1] 1223536837_UyRZK-M[1]

I am looking forward to the warmer weather for the zoo and especially for all of the construction at the zoo to be completed. Right now it seems like half the zoo is closed off while they work on the expansion. Of course the boys love the big trucks, but it makes the zoo feel more crowded and some of our favorite animals are gone.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

More choo choos

The boys are still a bit obsessed with trains, so of course we are taking advantage of their fascination and taking them to see many trains. On March 5th we took the boys to the model train show at the Union station.


We saw trains of all scales including Thomas the train engine who the boys still love. I think we heard the boys say ‘choo choo’ a few thousand times.


There were regular model trains and an entire room dedicated to a lego train set.


Everyone tried on a conductor’s hat.

1221881816_5PQtk-S[1] 1221884291_tFyiG-S[1] 1221882973_4KmJW-S[1]

The hats were just a little big and there was no way they would keep them on. Maybe next year we’ll get them hats to wear. There was also a larger train outside that you could ride on and full sized train cars you could climb and look through, but it was getting cold and too close to nap time.

We will definitely be back next year only we’ll arrive earlier and not go on a Saturday. It was packed and very hard to navigate with the strollers. I am really enjoying the train phase and hope it lasts for a while. Yesterday we rode front runner round trip for about an hour. The boys had a blast. With any luck next year the boys will be tall enough to see most of the displays on their own as well.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bye bye fishies

Earlier this month after Cody got home we decided to take a break from the children’s museum which is are normal after snowboarding/down Friday activity and go to the aquarium. It’s been a long time since we all went together. I thought that the aquarium was open until 8 pm, we arrived at 6:50 only to find out that I was wrong and they close at 7. So we took the fastest lap through the aquarium ever. Just long enough for the boys to see a few fish and the penguins and of course to snap a couple pictures and video.


The boy are very into saying good-bye to everything, as we leave their room they say bye to their books, the car pictures on the wall and their towels. So of course the boys had to say bye bye to the fish. It is right at the end you can hear Nick saying bye bye. I love their cute little voices.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Other uses for the ball pit

We got our new microphone for the camera yesterday, which doesn’t have a static feedback sound (like the old one) and completely eliminates the autofocus sound from the camera. With all the new toys Cody has been taking much more video than pictures for the last couple days.
After I left for work last night the boys tipped over the ball pit and found a whole new way to play with it. The only downside to all this fun is the 300 plastic balls that were spread all over the playroom and dining room and kitchen.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Time lapse

Tonight while I was at work Cody tried out his time lapse control for his camera for the first time. This is what 12 minutes condensed into 25 seconds looks like at our house.  Makes me tired just watching it and I was at work.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Playing outside

With everyone feeling better and the weather being a little more spring like the boys have been playing outside a little. On Wednesday afternoon the boys were walking around the house each carrying a pair of boots and asking to have them put on. They spent a good 10 minutes stomping around the house until Cody got home. He took them out in the yard to play for a while. Andrew in the blue shirt, Parker in red and Nick in white.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is it spring yet?

I’m ready for warmer weather! More importantly for everyone to be healthy again. The boys caught a nasty bug about two weeks ago and after two rounds of antibiotics and chest x-rays for Andrew and Parker they are finally healthy again. Sadly they decided to share the cold with Cody and I. We are all just about back to normal if only a little sleep deprived. The boys have been so good about waiting at Dr. appointments. Twice we’ve waited for a full hour before going back to the exam room.

Luckily I have a secret weapon. As long as I bring along a stack of books the boys happily read and trade them back and forth while we wait. 
With everyone being sick or recovering we’ve been more or less stuck in the house and I’m getting cabin fever. The upside is I finally tackled a project I’ve been wanting to do, a photo wall. We have a ton of pictures of the boys and we bought a good number of frames. I went through all of our pictures, ordered prints and this weekend they’ll be hung up. I still need to track down some photos of family members that I don’t have like my grandma (since my family reads this *hint hint*).  It was so hard to pick which photos to hang. I guess that’s the only downside of taking so many pictures.
I had such a hard time deciding, we bought more frames today. I think my photo wall is going to expand to a few more places. I’ll need to take some before and after pictures once everything is on the walls.

Completely unrelated we removed the gate in our front room about two weeks ago. The boys now have free run of half the house. This means we are noticing that the boys are getting taller and a longer reach everyday and nothing on the table or counter tops is safe. They love running up and down and back and forth through the house and of course leaving a trail of toys and books in their wake, but at least they are having fun.