Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Triplet family Christmas party

Last Saturday night we took the boys to what I’m hoping is the first annual triplet family Christmas party. There ended up being about 150 people that were able to make the party. It was the definition of organized chaos, toddlers everywhere in a room with six exits. Next year I think I’ll block off doors to reduce the amount of chasing involved.
We had dinner and tried to socialize while keeping an eye on the boys. It was funny to see all of the parents doing the 3 head counting routine that we are so familiar with. In some cases counting 4, 5, 6, or 7 heads depending on which family. I love having a chance to visit with the other parents of multiples, nothing bonds you as immediately as having experienced a triplet pregnancy and caring for three newborns/toddlers at the same time.
The kids played with or near each other while waiting for Santa to arrive.  Once Santa made it to the chair set up for him everyone waiting for their family name to be called. Santa handed out gifts to all of the kids.

I’m happy to say this year the boys didn’t cry when meeting Santa. We’ve been reading a lot of stories about Christmas and Santa to try and introduce the idea. Thanks to this yard decoration the boys are convinced that Santa drives a train.


Their visit with Santa was very short, they didn’t tell him what they wanted for Christmas. I think they were just trying to figure him out.

Despite the overwhelming excitement of finally meeting Santa they were much more excited about the new toys. The boys each got a toy car, they have been playing with them non stop. Every time they pick up their car they say “thank you Santa.” They are going to love Christmas day this year, now if we can just get them to leave the tree alone.


  1. How awesome. The quizzical look on their faces is priceless!

  2. Santa looks like he just swallowed a jalapeno pepper. ;>)

    The boys are so cute.