Monday, December 5, 2011

So much to say

It seems like every day the boys are picking up new words or phrases and saying them to us at the most unexpected times. I’m constantly amazed at how much they remember and repeat back to us. They talk constantly in the van pointing out everything we pass. The love pointing out the capital and telling us that it is on capital hill, describing every truck we pass on the freeway be it a flatbed, semi, dump, cement, or pulling a trailer.
By far the most adorable though is when the boys start talking amongst themselves. They count things we pass up to 10, I will sometimes take a different route to the freeway just to have them count the six sets of railroad tracks we drive over. They all say the alphabet, but start on different letters. Lately Nicholas has been repeating the words to Twinkle Twinkle over and over again. He misses a few words and likes to stretch out the last words. Cody took video of it last night, but it isn’t edited yet.
We spend a lot of time quietly giggling about comments the boys make when we are out and about. Last night at dinner a waitress walked by with a piece of a cake. Andrew shouted out “happy birthday.” I need to make a point to write down what they say so I don’t forget.
In addition to the boys making comments they have also started spending more time reading to us. They usually tell us the stories in an odd mix of what they see in the pictures and what they have memorized from us reading it.


The boys are still picking out their shirts each morning which explains why some days the boys are wearing shirts from different holidays. The boys all love the orange Halloween shirts with Mickey Mouse on them, everyday they ask for the orange shirts. Since we don’t let the boys wear the same shirt on the same day, it’s usually whoever gets dressed first that gets the preferred shirt. Nicholas was the lucky toddler yesterday.


In case any one was wondering about the crib climbing, we decided to get crib tents. It was getting to the point where Parker was climbing into Andrew and Nicholas’ cribs to take their lovies. After a couple of days Andrew learned how to climb across the cribs as well and Nicholas fell out of his crib once. He wasn’t hurt, but it scared him enough that he didn’t try to climb out again. I didn’t think it would take long before he tried again, so the tents were assembled the next day.
They love their crib tents, they ask to get in their tents and ask us to “zip up” as soon as they are inside.


They were no where near ready to transition to toddler beds and I think when we do switch it will bring an end to naps. I’ve been around the boys on days where they didn’t nap, it wasn’t fun for anyone. When Parker started climbing naptime was falling apart, I’d be luck to get them to sleep for an hour, with the tents we are back to 2 hour naps every day.

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