Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Random Wednesday fun

Like most mornings the boys spent an hour or so playing with trains and cars just like they do almost everyday. During snack time I asked the boys if they would like a smoothie. They love smoothies, we can’t go by a Jamba Juice without the boys asking for a ‘smoofie’ in fact we don’t even say smoothie around the boys unless we plan on getting them one. Of course they were really excited for a smoothie.
While I was throwing fruit into the magic bullet, Parker pulled one of the boys couches into the kitchen to wait for their snack. After handing out smoothie cups, everyone got comfortable. I love that they have no sense of personal space with each other at this age. I hope they are still willing to share a couch like this when they are older.


While enjoying the drinks the boys decided to do some reading. We spent over about 45 minutes sitting on the kitchen floor talking and reading. Depending on the book that the boys are looking through, they either talk non-stop or times like this they stop and study the page before saying anything.

We ended up looking through a stack of books before the boys finished their drinks and were ready to play with trains again. It’s wonderful that the boys will sit down and unwind after running around like crazy little men. It also gives me a break from toddler chasing.

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