Monday, December 12, 2011

Nothing is safe on the counters

This must happen to all parents, you find places the kids can’t reach or get to because they are just too short and suddenly they grow. Last night I ran upstairs to use the bathroom while Cody was in the playroom with the boys. Assuming the boys just followed me up the stairs he didn’t notice what they were up to.
It seems a package of straws in the middle of our counter was not out of their range. I came out of our room greeted with this.

Of course they had no trouble opening the package and spreading the straws out all over the floor. At this point the straws were not going to be usable again, so we let the boys play for a while. Nicholas kept gathering the straws to put them back in the bag only to have Andrew take the full bag and dump them back on the ground.
It quickly became a game of gathering handfuls of straws and making it ‘snow straws’ looks like a good time.

I guess it’s time for me to stop leaving stuff on the counter unless it’s okay for the boys to open, play with, or destroy. Who knew a package of straws could be so much fun?

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