Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Leading up to Christmas

Like everyone else in the week leading up to Christmas we were plenty busy. We took the boys to see Zoo Lights for the first time. They loved the lights, but were disappointed that we didn’t see more animals. Santa and his reindeer were at the zoo, we decided to wait to see Santa. I have never waited for so long to see Santa, after waiting for 15 minutes we were trying to decide if we should just bag it and just go see the lights. We decided to stick with it and just hope that the boys wouldn’t be afraid of him.
The wait ended up being about 35 minutes and it was completely worth it. While waiting in line they had paper and markers set up for everyone to write their letter to Santa. The boys each drew a picture of what they wanted to give to Santa. As soon as it was the boys turn we told them to take their letters to Santa. They pretty much charged at him and happily sat on his lap while he took the time to talk to each of them about what they wanted, asked their names and had as much of a conversation as you can have with an excited but reserved 2 year old. There was no camera or photo package for sell, it was just a visit with Santa for the kids.
Cody and I both took our cameras, but as we got to the zoo discovered Cody had left his memory card at home. I gave him mine since he takes better shots than I do. I haven’t seen the pictures yet, but I hope he captured some good ones of the boys visit.
On the 18th we took the boys to the annual family Christmas party with Cody’s extended family. It’s always nice to see the whole family even though I still have a hard time getting all of the names straight. We arrived about 15 minutes early to let the boys run around and run off some energy.
This year we ran a bit behind schedule on getting ready for the holiday, we had to go shopping on December 23rd; at a mall. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Of course it was crowded, but not unmanageable. It might just be me, but it didn’t feel like Christmas without any snow. The upside of no snow is that the boys can play outside without a ton of extra gear. Before heading to the mall the boys spent some time making their Mickeys fly.


The boys decided the back of the van was a slide.


Two days before Christmas, this scene really needs some snow.


It was decided that after all their flying around the yard, on the van and in the trees the Mickeys would need a bath. The boys kept telling us it was bath time for Mickey the entire drive to the mall.
We finished our shopping and after the boys bedtime Cody and I watched Christmas Vacation while wrapping all of the presents. We were up way too late and were very tired the next morning, but we were expecting visitors so had to be up and ready earlier than we normally would.

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