Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I have a feeling this will be the last year we have to wake the boys up on Christmas morning. At 8:45 we woke the boys up and tried to get them excited about going downstairs to open presents. They were all for going back to sleep until we told them about the presents that needed to be opened.





Their stockings we stuffed with new Hotwheels, a Lightning McQueen cup, some candy and a pack of underwear. Potty training is just around the corner.  We didn’t go crazy this year with gifts for the boys, they each received a couple of Thomas or Disney shirts, some books, and a pull back style Thomas engine. My favorite part of their gift opening was when Andrew opened his new engine.


He ripped off just enough paper to figure out what it was, then quickly grabbed the same shaped gifts off the couch from Nicholas’ and Parker’s pile. He distributed the gifts to his brother and insisted they open their engines at the same time so they could all play together.
I should have had the boys open their books before the engines since it was a challenge to get them to open their last gift once they had a new toy. Santa also brought them new giant tonka trucks, which luckily they all laid claim to one of them without fighting.


The boys opened their books last, each opened a new Thomas book (sensing a theme yet?) and a Cars busy book. Amid all the the chaos of new toys and wrapping paper Parker decided to ignore all of the new cars and trucks and just read.

I think he gets it from me.

While the boys played with their new toys Cody and I exchanged gifts. I had given Cody his big gift a few days early, a new phone. He now has the Galaxy Nexus and loves it. He also got some new shirts and bucky balls to add to his desk toy collection. I was given some books, an electric blanket (I’m always freezing) and the game Settlers of Catan which I had been wanting for a long time.
We took a long time opening gifts so we ended up running late getting out of the house. Our first stop was my Dad’s house, then we headed to Cody’s parents for lunch and more presents. The boys are now experts at opening gifts and wanted to help everyone else open theirs.


We stayed for quite a while, well past when nap time should have started and we still had one more stop. We loaded three tired boys into the van and headed to my Uncle Scott’s.
Parker and Nicholas slept for maybe 5 minutes on the drive, Cody and I were both worried they were going to have meltdowns. Luckily the TV was on with kids shows and the boys just sat down and watched tv while we visited. Sadly I only see my uncle about once a year, we really need to get out there more often. While we were there my cousin stopped by who I haven’t seen since I was probably 12 and we met his son.
We stayed for about an hour before the boys looked done for the day. Amazingly they stayed awake on the drive home, we kept them up long enough to let them play with their new toys for about twenty minutes, feed them a quick dinner and they went to bed early.
It’s the first time we’ve ever skipped naptime, luckily the boys took it in stride. Since bedtime was moved up almost 2 hours and they slept 14 hours that night they are definitely not ready to give up naps (and I’m not ready for that either).
We had a great Christmas. The boys had a good day, they are still carrying their flashlights and new engines everywhere with them.

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  1. love the story about andrew and the trains! aww!

    and my husband just go the galaxy nexus too. he's a bit obsessed with it. (insert eye roll)