Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas eve

I had an alarm set for 8 am on Christmas eve, which is not exactly early but since we were up until almost 2 it felt plenty early. Cody and I got up and ready for the day before waking the boys up. All morning we told them that Grandpa was coming to see them and they were really excited and kept asking to see him. Of course we did the usual mad dash attempt to clear the playroom of the standard toy explosion so everyone could sit down. We had planned on visitors at 11 am, but given that it’s my dad and the family quirk of always being early I was expecting them to arrive closer to 10:50.
The boys were so excited and so talkative. I think this is the first time Grandpa and Jackie have seen and heard all of the boys talking at the same time. We visited for a little while before the boys (and the adults) opened their gifts. This is the first gift giving occasion the boys really got into ripping off the paper and not just wanting to play with the boxes.
The gifts were brought in a bag so the boys had to get through the bag to get to the presents.


Different approaches were tried to open the bag before we helped.


The boys each received a Cars themed talking flashlight. To say they loved them is an understatement. The flashlight cars have gone everywhere with us since then. I love that when Nicholas opened his he yelled “It’s Lightning Queen,”  Parker opened Mater and Andrew Finn McMissle.


The also each were given a DVD player with a Mickey Mouse Playhouse and a Thomas DVD. They opened the boxes and had no idea what they were, so we set one up. They were mesmerized.


While the boys were fully absorbed with an episode of Mickey Mouse we visited and exchanged gifts. I was given a donut hole/cake ball maker. Since I’ve recently been making a lot of chocolate and caramel covered marshmallows and other treats I was really excited to make some. Which is how I spent naptime, making chocolate cake balls.
After a quick lunch the boys went down for a nap, I did some baking and we got ready to go to dinner at Cody’s parents. After nap we let the boys sample some cake, no surprise they were fans.


We are working on teaching Andrew to take bites instead of shoving the whole thing in his mouth. I can’t wait to get out the double boiler and chocolate coat and decorate some cake pops.
We had a nice dinner at Cody’s parents and lots of desserts, the boys made sure their new flashlights also got a treat.


We ate, the boys opened the traditional Christmas eve gift of pajamas and played with their cousins until it was time to head home for bed and to wait for Santa.


As soon as we got home the boys went straight to bed, while we had a few more things to do. I wrapped a few last presents and Cody set up lights to take pictures on Christmas morning.

Everyone sets up off camera flashes for Christmas morning right?

I love that we have the lights to do this, our front room has some very uneven lighting with the one window and high ceilings. With everything ready for the morning we went to bed excited to see the boys reaction.

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