Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend

We had a nice Thanksgiving, we had dinner with Cody’s family. The boys tried a little bit of everything and of course really enjoyed the chocolate layer dessert. They played with their cousins and while we visited with everyone. Unfortunately the boys ended up being off schedule due to having an early nap. This meant they were overtired and super cranky at bedtime. Luckily it only takes about one day to get everyone back on schedule.
Friday I had planned on running errands while Cody was at work. Cody had planned on going to buy a new office chair and assemble his new desk. Instead he was met with this:

office broken

He joked about someone getting a early Black Friday deal with a 100% off crowbar coupon. They left the crowbar, but took his computer and and monitor. So instead of going shopping for office items, he spent the morning filing a police report and dealing with the insurance. It’s nice that everything that was taken will be covered by the insurance, but still unsettling to have the office broken into.
Friday night we all went to the Apple store to replace the missing computer equipment. We stopped at Old Navy and managed to get a great deal on some new shirts for the boys. I think we now own almost every long sleeved shirt color they carry. As usual we did a lap around the mall stopping to enjoy the Christmas decorations.
Saturday with Cody’s office dealt with (as much as could be done) we headed for Ikea to get some a much needed office chair for the office and a few other small items. The boys as usual enjoyed some meatballs with lingonberry jam. After naptime the boys and I headed out to pick up our newest family member.
We adopted our Elf on the shelf, which after much debating the boys have named him Melvin. It’s a good elf name plus it’s adorable to hear the boys say Melvin. The boys don’t quite understand Santa and that the elf will be reporting back to him every night. The boys are enjoying heading down stairs every morning to find Melvin. So far our elf has chosen to position himself well out of their reach (smart elf).


Parker normally just points him out and says “That’s an elf” now they are in the habit of calling him Melvin. Last night during dinner Cody said Andrew just kept saying Melvin and giggling as he hung from the light. This morning our elf was playing with the blinds.


Every time Parker goes into the dining room he makes a point to tell Melvin to get back on the light. I can’t wait to see all of the fun places Melvin will surprise the boys in. Hopefully having an elf will help us all get into the holiday spirit, now we just need some snow.


This week I’m hoping to get the tree up and we are planning on taking the boys downtown to see the lights.

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