Monday, November 21, 2011

Enjoying the winter

It snowed last Friday, but it had all melted by Saturday. Luckily we already got the boys new coats for the season, I can’t believe how much they have grown. I bought last years coats thinking I had bought them big enough to fit for two years. If you saw the coats from last year you’d laugh. I was so excited to find each of the boys a coat in their color, in the same size at the same store.
On Sunday while I was at work Cody took the boys out for a pre-nap walk to burn off some energy. I can’t get over how adorable they are in the new coats and the hats we bought at Disney World. They love their Mickey hats.

They ran around the neighborhood for about an hour.

This is becoming such a fun age, the boys are talking so much more now and seem to only have one speed. They want to run everywhere all the time.

They sure look like they are having a great time though.

I can’t wait until we have some snow that stays one the ground for more than a day so we can let the boys play in it. Last year they didn’t really get into the snow, this year they have loved stomping around in what little snow we’ve had and trying to throw snowballs.

On a somewhat related note (you know cold weather, snow,) the holidays are coming up and my master address list was on my old hard drive. When we built new computers I didn’t get the file and I know some people have moved and I don’t have their current addresses. That being said, if I probably should have your address or I’ve sent you holiday cards in the past please email me, text me, send me a message on facebook or DM me on twitter so I have your current address.

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