Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First day in Disneyland

We were up bright and early Monday morning for our first day at Disneyland. After finally unloading my memory card it looks like I did take a picture on the first day.


Boys were clearly more interested in the Disneyland entrance that looking at the camera.

Our first attraction was the Disneyland Railroad. The boys were excited that we were riding a train and that it was a steam train like Thomas. We rode the full way around the park so we wouldn’t miss that first walk down Main Street USA. Cody took many more photos than I did, so I only have a few from that first day.
The first morning we decided to see how we would do without a stroller, so with just kinder kords we took on the parks. The boys did wonderfully and ended up walking 3 miles with us that morning. I think they enjoyed the freedom, the only downside is with the kords on I can’t access anything in the diaper bag.
We headed straight up Main Street and through the castle. The boys were so excited to see the castle that we’d been telling them about for weeks. We had been planning and looking forward to getting a picture of the boys in ears, holding hands, walking to the castle. We had a hard time getting the boys to hold hands and get the bridge relatively clear of everyone else. We sort of got the shot, but after they ran to the top of the drawbridge I let them run back to Cody. At this point we had attracted a crowd and the boys happily ran back to Cody (sadly not holding hands). Our second attraction was another train ride. The crowd levels were pretty low so we have a very short wait for the Casey Jr Circus Train.


I was shocked that the boys kept their ears on for most of the day and through out the week kept asking for their “Mickey hats.” After the train I’d have to look at pictures to remember what we did after that.  I know at some point we rode the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, because the boys were chanting ‘Nemo fun’ for a long time. In the week we were there the boys really started talking more and in full sentences, especially Nicholas.
Through the course of the week we walked a total of 46.3 miles, so a lot of things are a little fuzzy. Thank goodness we took pictures.
Each day at around 1:30 we headed back to the room for a nap. On our way out we stopped to get some pictures and enjoy the atmosphere of Main Street.


Can I say how much I love the ‘This One, That One, The Other One’ shirts? Yes it gets attention, but it’s usually responded to with a smile.
I’m sad to say the only other pictures I took with my camera were on the last day. I’ll have to wait for Cody’s pictures to post an more. I took a lot fewer photos than I should have. Between pushing a stroller, managing the boys and not having a dedicated camera bag (this is going on my Christmas list) I didn’t pull my camera out of the diaper bag much. Luckily Cody did take more pictures than me and usually captures better images. For our next trip I’m going to make an effort to take at least some shots each day.

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