Monday, November 7, 2011

Disneyland Day 2

Like our last Disney trip to California we alternate the park we start the morning in, so day 2 was DCA. We knew we had to arrive at least 45 minutes before opening to get in line for World of Color fastpasses. We made it a bit early and just enjoyed people watching and the perfect weather. For our entire vacation it was sunny and in the 70s, much better than last years 5 days of rain.
They opened the turnstiles at 9:30 and like everyone else we headed for the fastpass line. After securing our blue section passes we decided to head for the new Little Mermaid ride. Unfortunately the ride was not yet open due to a technical difficulty. So we headed for Grizzly Peak to let the boys play at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.


It is a no stroller area so the boys had the time to run off a lot of energy in the suspension and rope bridges, go down some slide and run through a tunnel made from a fallen ‘tree.’


They ran in and out and around for about a half hour. Once they started asking to be carried we headed back to the strollers to find out if Little Mermaid was open. Luckily it was. I thought it was a great attraction. The boys were not so sure until we got past the first two scenes and into the under the sea scene. We ended up riding Little Mermaid 4 more times on the trip. The animatronics were amazing, the level of detail was crazy. I wanted to keep riding it just so I could see everything.
We then headed for Paradise Pier to ride some adult rides. Mainly because we both wanted to ride California Screamin’ thanks to the single rider line we it was a walk on for both of us.

Cody as he shot by us on the ‘fast train’

After walking around the pier the boys started requesting to see “Crush turtle talk” which when the boys are all saying ‘Crush please’ we can’t say no. So of course we went to see Turtle Talk again.


This was the last picture we took for the day. We headed over to Disneyland to enjoy a couple of attractions before naptime. After naps we went back to DCA and saw Turtle Talk again then went to get in line for World of Color. We should have skipped Turtle Talk and joined the line much earlier.
The spot we found was partial obscured by a tree and right by a speaker. It was so loud it scared Nicholas and I had forgotten to throw the earplugs in the diaper bag. Cody spent most of the show trying to calm Nicholas down while I was holding Parker. After the show we decided we would see it again and arrive much earlier to get a good spot and have ear plugs with a new toy for the boys to pass the time while waiting.
I love World of Color, the music the movie clips, and just the thinking about all of the technology that goes into making the show work. By the time the show ended and we made our way out among the masses it was time for dinner and bedtime.

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