Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chicken dip dip

I’m always trying to add some variety to the dinners I make for the boys. We’ve learned that the boys will eat just about anything they can dip. Bread, chips, fries; you know all the healthy stuff. Tonight the plan was to just feed them chicken and mixed veggies. Vegetables are easy and the boys will normally eat them on their own, but chicken can be a tough sell.
Tonight I thought we’d try to take advantage of their love of dip. I cubed the chicken after it was cooked and broke out the toothpicks. It looked like I was serving a plate of h’orderves.  With cheese sauce, BBQ sauce, honey mustard and ketchup set out with on the table the boys inhaled their chicken and kept asking for more. In total they ate 1.5 breasts by themselves. When I had to tell the boys to eat their veggies if they wanted more chicken, I knew it was a hit. We will definitely be serving this again.


The cheese dip won’t be repeated, the honey mustard was very popular as was the ketchup. I was impressed that after showing them once they put all of the used toothpicks on their plates. I was expecting toothpicks to end up everywhere and surprisingly not one even ended up on the table.
A little video from dinner, I’m loving how easy it is to take video with my camera and upload it.

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