Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back from vacation

At 3 am on the 23rd we packed up the boys for the 12 hour drive to Disneyland. I’m so glad we decided to drive through the dark, the boys slept until around 8 am. We drove non-stop until Saint George, stopping for gas and Starbucks for Cody. In Vegas the boys were awake so we picked up some breakfast and milk.


The rest of the drive the boys dozed on and off. Since I admittedly am not a good night time driver Cody did the vast majority of the driving I did take a turn driving once we got to California so Cody could take a short nap. Once we got past the long boring part of driving California ended Cody went back to driving. As he put it Utah drivers can be incompetent, but California drivers are crazy. I was not up to trying to drive with the cars around me speeding and cutting across 4 lanes of traffic without signaling. We arrived at our hotel at around 2 pm. We got an awesome room on the ground floor, we liked the location so much next trip I’m going to request that we get the same one.
We had 5 day park tickets so the plan was to spend the first day at Downtown Disney instead of visiting a park. We spent about 4 hours wandering through the shops, I found a hat that I love and the boys enjoyed a chocolate dipped rice cereal Mickey.

krispy mickey

While Cody was in the store getting the boys the treats we watched the cast members making candied apples. The boys were interested in seeing the chocolate dipping. It was funny when the cast members noticed the boys. They all stopped working to wave to the boys, while mouthing the standard “Are they triplets'?” The boys happily waved back and really enjoyed the treats (They only ate the ears, it was a big treat).
We didn’t buy much of anything while we were walking around, but we planned a lot of purchases we’d be making later in the week. I had been saving gift cards I’d earned at work in hopes of getting a new watch, sadly the selection was lacking. A fun shop that the boys didn’t want to leave was Ridemakerz, it’s like Build-a-Bear for boys. You get to build and customize a car, including all of the cars characters. This definitely made the must come back and purchase list. They had so many options and fun things to choose from I have a feeling this store is going to be a very expensive stop when the boys get older.
The hotel we stay at has a Millies Restaurant in the parking lot and the kids meals all $.99 for staying at the hotel. We ate dinner there every night. We called it an early night so we could get a good start the next morning and because we were exhausted from our lack of sleep the night before.

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