Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Triplet family Halloween party

Last Saturday we went to the first of what we hope becomes an annual party with the other triplet families in the area. I’m still not sure just how many families were able to make it, but I think the expected head count was around 100 people. It was a pot luck style gathering. Everyone brought something to share, I took the easy way out and volunteered to bring all of the utensils. That and I volunteered Cody to take photos.
Cody brought his studio lights and seamless white background to take a family shot for everyone that was able to make it. It think he only missed one or two families that had to leave early with their younger kids. After eating we had a trick or treating line set up. It was chaos, complete chaos, but in a good way.
The boys didn’t really understand the whole trick or treating thing at first, they were just excited to get to carry their buckets. Then they figured out that people were giving them candy. They enjoyed some candy that night. I tried to take all of the suckers away before they could get too sticky. Even without any suckers no one lacked in the sugar department.
I didn’t take any pictures the whole night due to Cody being in another room and trying to wrangle the boys, but after everyone else had packed up we (with help) were able to get a few shots of the boys in their costumes.
The plan with this years costumes was to find ones they can use as dress up items in the coming year. I think we did pretty good.

Nicholas was a train engineer, Parker the police officer and Andrew a cowboy. They were pretty good about keeping their hats on all night. The hat with Andrew’s costume had no hope of fitting his head, but it worked hanging on his back. They were laughing very hard while Cody was taking pictures due to another mom playing with pom poms behind his head. Before the laughing started we did get a full range of toddler emotions.

I promise Nicholas is not making a hand gesture, this is his excited pose. Parker was just just not interested and Andrew was just plain happy.

The next big family gathering will be for Christmas and I can’t wait. It such a wonderful group of people and we’ve (especially the moms) have formed a strong bond.

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