Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where has the week gone

In the last week the boys have been to the Children’s Museum, Gateway, Trolley Square, the state fair, Thanksgiving Point Farm, a ride on Frontrunner and TRAX and the Park City Outlets. Plus many hours spent on multiple playgrounds and we still have a visit to the zoo planned for Saturday.
Safe to say we are taking full advantage of the cooler (and gorgeous) weather. I hope we have a nice long fall so we can keep enjoying spending the days out and about.
Of all of the outings I only took pictures at the farm and Cody took pictures at the fair. We are used to the Children’s Museum being very crowded and hard to manage the boys at. Much to our surprise it wasn’t crowded possibly due to the scattered showers earlier in the day. I’m not sure if it was the lack of crowd or the boys being a bit older, but it was much easier to keep track of everyone. Since we had expected chaos we didn’t even bring a camera, next time we’ll be prepared.
We had only a brief visit to Trolley Square, it’s sad how empty it is now. Cody and I both remember the really cool kite store that has been closed many years. We only went to pick up some Utah specific treats for some friends from out of the country. We went without strollers so it was also a good way to let the boys get some energy out before nap. After nap time I took the boys to a playground while Cody had a photo shoot for a family friend.
Sunday was a normal work day for me. As soon as I got home we headed for the fair. The boys got to enjoy a funnel cake, a hot dog, a bite of Cody’s corn dog, some kettle corn. We skipped the rides except for the big slide. Sadly since it was the last day of the fair almost all of the animals were gone. The only animals left were 3 cows.
Monday the boys had a play date bright and early at the Farm with a friend of mine and her little girl. Everyone had a chance to pet a calf.


The boys favorite part was probably the market to store interactive area.


They all ran to the door of the fake truck and asked me for the keys. The truck has a conveyer belt that transports the produce cards from one end to baskets on the other side. The boys loved it.


They took turns riding on the toy tractors.


Of course the favorite toy as always is our choo choo wagon. My friends little girl even helped out.

The boys were none to sure about her helping push.

We also saw the pigs, but again the boys were much more interested in the wagon.


Nicholas didn’t believe me when I told him he wasn’t going to be able to pull his brothers up the ramp. He was trying so hard.


They were wearing their ”This One, That One, The Other One” shirts (ordered from here) which I find hilarious and it makes it easy to tell who is who if you know their birth order. Which can be easier than remembering which shoes belong to which child.

Tuesday we kind of took it easy, only went grocery shopping. Something the boys still enjoy because they usually get a treat of some kind. This time was no different and they enjoyed their cookie.
Wednesday is still dad’s night out. Cody took the boys on an adventure. They rode Frontrunner downtown to TRAX and out to eat at Noodles and for a smoothie. I was at work, but Cody said the boys were so happy and loved the ride.
This morning we headed for the Park City outlets to get Cody some new shirts. Of course I also did some shopping for the boys. I was able to find some tall shirts for Cody (thank you Eddie Bauer). The boys of course did well with new pants, adjustable waistband jeans are a wonderful invention. I also picked up some new sneakers for them. They have trashed their current pair and it was time to move up to the next size. Since we are into size 9 it’s getting easier to find shoes that lace instead of velcro. Once we get out of toddler sizes it should be less of a search to find lace up shoes. I’m just hoping they don’t grow so fast that they can’t wear out this pair before we have to buy again.
I have no idea what the plans are for tonight, but hopefully we’ll get out to enjoy the nice weather. Tomorrow is Cody’s down Friday, so I’m sure we’ll find something exciting to do.
Saturday the boys and I are going to the zoo with my dad. We haven’t been to the zoo in a while due to the dinosaur display. The last time the boys saw life sized animated dinosaurs there was lots of screaming. Now that the dinosaurs are gone we should be able to enjoy the non-extinct animal displays without tears.

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