Friday, September 2, 2011

Living planet Aquarium

Thursday I renewed my membership to the aquarium since it is such a nice place to take the boys when it’s really hot out or in the winter. I was worried that it might be crowded, but much to my surprise it was fairly deserted. We spent about three hours looking at all of the fish, crabs, penguins, frogs, and snakes.

Nicholas, Andrew, Parker

The aquarium is pretty low light, so I had a hard time getting good pictures. That and I didn’t buckle the boys into their wagon until they stopped listening to me. For the first couple hours we’d look at a tank or display then I asked the boys to sit in their wagon, much to my surprise they listened. Everyone when back to their seats and waited for me to pull them to the next stop.
I picked out the boys outfits that day to make it easier to keep track of everyone, the boys didn’t mind. If their Cars shirts are clean they refuse to wear anything else.


The large coral reef tank was probably the favorite, Parker stood there for about 15 minutes pointing out the different colored fish and the ‘fish tunnels.’ Nicholas isn’t this much shorter than Parker, he was standing strangely on the ledge. We did a quick lap through the aquarium before heading to the new exhibit on animal super heroes. We watched them feed the archer fish and mud skippers. The boys (and I) got a kick out of watching the fish spit streams of water to knock their food out of the fake trees.
On a second lap around we stopped to play at the kids play area. I let the boys climb and run a little bit. For a half hour we were the only people in the area.




I loved that they kept looking at each other through the fish tanks and saying hi while waving. Andrew would also climb up to see Parker from above before telling him hello.
Thanks to the lack of crowd the boys had a lot of time to enjoy the shark tank. They became very excited every time the sea turtle would swim by.


After a half hour of letting them run around they decided to stop listening to me. They had listened and stayed with me for almost 2 hours so I wasn’t going to complain. I had to put my camera away because it was just too much to carry the diaper bag, pull the wagon and manage the camera. I did snap a quick shot with my phone to send to Cody.


The boys know they are penguins, but Parker decided that we’d call them fast water birds. It constantly amazes me how quickly the boys pick up new concepts. I know I didn’t say anything about birds, just calling them penguins.
After one quick run through the gift shop we were all ready to head home for nap time. We had such a good time I think we’ll go back next week hopefully with a few friends and their kiddos.

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