Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where did the week go?

It feels like the last week has flown by. We’ve been staying busy running errands and shopping. We are planning to take the boys camping for the first time and in the process of getting everything we think we’ll need. I’ve been camping quite a few times as a kid and as a teenager, Cody has only been camping once with my family a few years ago.
We bought a tent last year, a giant vinyl three bedroom one and never opened it. Cody’s boss is big on camping and convinced him that we needed a quality tent. So, he offered to pitch in (no pun intended) a little if we bought a Springbar tent. After looking at the Springbar tents we decided to go with one that has room for all of us and plenty of room to grow. It’s the kind of tent that should last for a very long time. Lucky for us we hadn’t even opened the other tent we bought (yes we are slackers) so we were able to return it thanks to Costco’s return policy.
In the last couple days we’ve also picked up the basics, camp stove, sleeping bags, lanterns. We still need to pick up a few more items like camp chairs, an air mattress, and some cookware. I’m really excited to go camping. We are going to try just going for an overnight this weekend and then try for a two night stay next week. I hope the boys will enjoy camping. I’m looking forward to having a couple days unplugged, hiking and letting the boys run around.
With all the running around I haven’t been taking as many photos as I should and we are finding it’s almost impossible to take pictures while wrangling free range toddlers. Safe to say that a lot of pictures will be taken while camping though, it’s much easier to take some photos when we are both there to manage.  
I did snap a quick shot of the boys and Cody enjoying some ipad time. They love the ipad and ask for Thomas or Queen (Lightning McQueen) whenever they see it. Sorry it’s a poor quality cell phone shot, but still entertaining.


This is how they always react to the iPad, chanting 'touch, touch, touch’ the entire time.


  1. Wow. Just found your blog from the DIS. Gorgeous boys! Loved your "Twins and a half" post. :) I just don't even know what is wrong with people!

    Have you taken them to Disney yet?

  2. We took the boys to Disneyland last October and Disney World in December. We are taking full advantage of the free admission before they turn 3.