Friday, August 19, 2011

Twins and a half

Last night we took the boys to the local splash pad and playground to try and cool off and let them run off some energy. They took less time to warm up to playing in the water than last time. Parker especially was all over the splashing and running through the water.


Once again they spent most of their time playing in the smaller fountains and stuck close to each other. Cody even got in on the fun.


While the boys were walking through the water ‘tunnel’ I was asked if the boys were twins and a half. That’s one I’ve never heard, still not as good as triptuplets. I told him they are triplets, for some reason he became defensive telling me that’s what he meant and that either way we were outnumbered. Then he moved to another bench about 30 feet away.


The different fountains turn off and change in water pressure on some cycle I haven’t figured out yet. The boys tend to avoid the fountains that are shooting taller than their heads and take full advantage of the middle height ones.


An hour in we had our first allergic reaction of the day. We’ve known for a while now the boys are allergic to one of the ingredients in some types sunblock. We’ve found two (so far) that don’t result in hives, runny noses and eyes swelling shut. Since we used a non-reactive brand I don’t know if he reacted to sunblock in the water or if he brushed up against another kid. It makes me wonder if we’ll be able to take the boys to public pools in the future. If sunblock in the water is enough to cause a reaction we’ll either have to hope they grow out of it or Benadryl everyone before we go. Nicholas had a lesser reaction a little later.  Good news is the hives faded after a half hour being out of the water.

Overall Andrew was much less excited about playing in the water, but he found one fountain he liked. He spent a good ten minutes stepping on, stomping around and kicking the jet of water.


After everyone was thoroughly soaked we moved to the playground to let the boys dry out a bit. I put the camera away since the playground is just a little to old for the boys so I was helping them climb. After running and climbing everywhere the boys inhaled dinner and crashed at bedtime. 

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