Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seven Canyons Fountain

Yesterday Cody took the boys to play in the fountain at a local park. It’s called a fountain but it’s more of a splash and wading area. Unlike the splash pads we’ve visited, Cody said the boys had no hesitation before jumping in the water to play. They ran in and out of the water splashed constantly and even had a splash fight.

The Kindorkords were a life saver again. I think it’s time to teach the boys red light/green light or how to freeze, anything to stop the bolting away. Lately we not only have to watch the boys for running off but also for the look of planning to run. They had so much fun Cody is planning on taking them again tonight.

It’s too bad I missed out on the trip, so I’m hoping we can go again this weekend. Somehow I think the boys won’t mind.

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