Monday, August 8, 2011

More hiking

Since the boys had so much fun at City Creek we decided to try another trail on Saturday. We had a bit of a late start so we just went up to Mueller Park. It’s a fairly easy trail with a steady incline, the trail is closed after a mile and a half due to construction of a pipeline. That was fine with us since we had no plan to climb all the way to the top.
We climbed for just over a mile, this trail was a little bit trickier than City Creek. It has a steeper climb and the trail narrows in some places down to about 2 feet wide. In some places the edge of the trail drops off steeply into trees or water. It made me pretty nervous and we held the boys hands in those areas. The boys tripped a fair number of times on rocks or just uneven ground, but I’ve watched them trip on smooth level ground. No one was hurt and they were much more upset about the dirt on their hands than falling. Because we were watching and helping the boys navigate the path the only pictures I took were when we got to the top of our climb.

I’m so glad at least Cody will look at the camera.

Don’t they look super excited to be here?

The way down was a challenge and nerve wracking. The path has a large number of rocks on it and we were worried the boys would fall hurt themselves.  Cody walked in front keeping the boys from running and I walked behind telling them almost constantly to walk and help them up when someone tripped. Once we made it back to the parking area we help the boys climb down to the edge of the creek where they had a great time splashing and stomping in the water. We made it home for a quick lunch and not surprisingly they took a nice long nap.
We decided to stay with the hiking theme for the day and headed up to Snowbird. We walked around for a while and then took the tram up to the top. Parker and Nicholas really enjoyed looking out the windows on the ride. Andrew cried the entire time. I felt bad for the other people on the tram, nothing worse than being trapped in an enclosed space with a screaming toddler.
At the top we walked around for a while took some pictures and tried to cheer Andrew up. He eventually calmed down, right up until we had to get back in the tram to head down. This time I held him, we grabbed the ‘emergency towel’ from the diaper bag (yes the boys still love their towels) and tried to keep him quiet. After a few minutes of fussing I gave him my sunglasses to wear and he was fine. I wish we’d have tried that on the way up.  It was another quick meal and the boys fell asleep without a single peep. I love when they fall asleep with out fussing, it makes me feel like we’ve done something right.

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