Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just sticking with the routine

We have been home bodies the last week or so. I’ve been getting over a sinus infection and beyond taking some drives up the canyon not much has been going on. Well not much other than the usual chaos and activity that goes with having three two year olds.
The boys are becoming little chatter boxes. We still cannot always tell what they are saying, but they understand each other. It’s fun to see them talking to each other, pointing things out and asking for things. We did make one change with the boys last week, we decided to stop dressing them in their colors. Each day we let the boys pick out what they want to wear. Well they choose the shirt and we pair it with the matching pants.
It has made for some very confusing days. Some days the boys will request what outfit they want to wear. My personal favorite was when Nicholas asked for the ‘adorable turtle shirt.’ How can you say no to that?
Since I’ve always bought clothes in sets of 3 coordinating outfits and when possible in the colors, it means we have adjusted to one child always wearing the same outfit making it easy to identify them even when we don’t have a chance to see his face clearly. Safe to say we’ve flubbed names a couple times. In the last week we’ve had days where Andrew and Nicholas are wearing red (Parker’s color) and Parker in green. Only once have they chosen to wear clothing in their color which makes me think it was a good time to move away from the color system.
I’m sure we’ll still dress them by color when we spend time with friends and family who don’t get to spend as much time with the boys as we do, at least until the boys are old enough to clearly identify themselves. Right now when someone asks the boys their names. Andrew and Parker both point to Nicholas and say Nick. They have only ever volunteered his name.

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