Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where did the week go?

It feels like the last week has flown by. We’ve been staying busy running errands and shopping. We are planning to take the boys camping for the first time and in the process of getting everything we think we’ll need. I’ve been camping quite a few times as a kid and as a teenager, Cody has only been camping once with my family a few years ago.
We bought a tent last year, a giant vinyl three bedroom one and never opened it. Cody’s boss is big on camping and convinced him that we needed a quality tent. So, he offered to pitch in (no pun intended) a little if we bought a Springbar tent. After looking at the Springbar tents we decided to go with one that has room for all of us and plenty of room to grow. It’s the kind of tent that should last for a very long time. Lucky for us we hadn’t even opened the other tent we bought (yes we are slackers) so we were able to return it thanks to Costco’s return policy.
In the last couple days we’ve also picked up the basics, camp stove, sleeping bags, lanterns. We still need to pick up a few more items like camp chairs, an air mattress, and some cookware. I’m really excited to go camping. We are going to try just going for an overnight this weekend and then try for a two night stay next week. I hope the boys will enjoy camping. I’m looking forward to having a couple days unplugged, hiking and letting the boys run around.
With all the running around I haven’t been taking as many photos as I should and we are finding it’s almost impossible to take pictures while wrangling free range toddlers. Safe to say that a lot of pictures will be taken while camping though, it’s much easier to take some photos when we are both there to manage.  
I did snap a quick shot of the boys and Cody enjoying some ipad time. They love the ipad and ask for Thomas or Queen (Lightning McQueen) whenever they see it. Sorry it’s a poor quality cell phone shot, but still entertaining.


This is how they always react to the iPad, chanting 'touch, touch, touch’ the entire time.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seven Canyons Fountain

Yesterday Cody took the boys to play in the fountain at a local park. It’s called a fountain but it’s more of a splash and wading area. Unlike the splash pads we’ve visited, Cody said the boys had no hesitation before jumping in the water to play. They ran in and out of the water splashed constantly and even had a splash fight.

The Kindorkords were a life saver again. I think it’s time to teach the boys red light/green light or how to freeze, anything to stop the bolting away. Lately we not only have to watch the boys for running off but also for the look of planning to run. They had so much fun Cody is planning on taking them again tonight.

It’s too bad I missed out on the trip, so I’m hoping we can go again this weekend. Somehow I think the boys won’t mind.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Twins and a half

Last night we took the boys to the local splash pad and playground to try and cool off and let them run off some energy. They took less time to warm up to playing in the water than last time. Parker especially was all over the splashing and running through the water.


Once again they spent most of their time playing in the smaller fountains and stuck close to each other. Cody even got in on the fun.


While the boys were walking through the water ‘tunnel’ I was asked if the boys were twins and a half. That’s one I’ve never heard, still not as good as triptuplets. I told him they are triplets, for some reason he became defensive telling me that’s what he meant and that either way we were outnumbered. Then he moved to another bench about 30 feet away.


The different fountains turn off and change in water pressure on some cycle I haven’t figured out yet. The boys tend to avoid the fountains that are shooting taller than their heads and take full advantage of the middle height ones.


An hour in we had our first allergic reaction of the day. We’ve known for a while now the boys are allergic to one of the ingredients in some types sunblock. We’ve found two (so far) that don’t result in hives, runny noses and eyes swelling shut. Since we used a non-reactive brand I don’t know if he reacted to sunblock in the water or if he brushed up against another kid. It makes me wonder if we’ll be able to take the boys to public pools in the future. If sunblock in the water is enough to cause a reaction we’ll either have to hope they grow out of it or Benadryl everyone before we go. Nicholas had a lesser reaction a little later.  Good news is the hives faded after a half hour being out of the water.

Overall Andrew was much less excited about playing in the water, but he found one fountain he liked. He spent a good ten minutes stepping on, stomping around and kicking the jet of water.


After everyone was thoroughly soaked we moved to the playground to let the boys dry out a bit. I put the camera away since the playground is just a little to old for the boys so I was helping them climb. After running and climbing everywhere the boys inhaled dinner and crashed at bedtime. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just sticking with the routine

We have been home bodies the last week or so. I’ve been getting over a sinus infection and beyond taking some drives up the canyon not much has been going on. Well not much other than the usual chaos and activity that goes with having three two year olds.
The boys are becoming little chatter boxes. We still cannot always tell what they are saying, but they understand each other. It’s fun to see them talking to each other, pointing things out and asking for things. We did make one change with the boys last week, we decided to stop dressing them in their colors. Each day we let the boys pick out what they want to wear. Well they choose the shirt and we pair it with the matching pants.
It has made for some very confusing days. Some days the boys will request what outfit they want to wear. My personal favorite was when Nicholas asked for the ‘adorable turtle shirt.’ How can you say no to that?
Since I’ve always bought clothes in sets of 3 coordinating outfits and when possible in the colors, it means we have adjusted to one child always wearing the same outfit making it easy to identify them even when we don’t have a chance to see his face clearly. Safe to say we’ve flubbed names a couple times. In the last week we’ve had days where Andrew and Nicholas are wearing red (Parker’s color) and Parker in green. Only once have they chosen to wear clothing in their color which makes me think it was a good time to move away from the color system.
I’m sure we’ll still dress them by color when we spend time with friends and family who don’t get to spend as much time with the boys as we do, at least until the boys are old enough to clearly identify themselves. Right now when someone asks the boys their names. Andrew and Parker both point to Nicholas and say Nick. They have only ever volunteered his name.

Monday, August 8, 2011

More hiking

Since the boys had so much fun at City Creek we decided to try another trail on Saturday. We had a bit of a late start so we just went up to Mueller Park. It’s a fairly easy trail with a steady incline, the trail is closed after a mile and a half due to construction of a pipeline. That was fine with us since we had no plan to climb all the way to the top.
We climbed for just over a mile, this trail was a little bit trickier than City Creek. It has a steeper climb and the trail narrows in some places down to about 2 feet wide. In some places the edge of the trail drops off steeply into trees or water. It made me pretty nervous and we held the boys hands in those areas. The boys tripped a fair number of times on rocks or just uneven ground, but I’ve watched them trip on smooth level ground. No one was hurt and they were much more upset about the dirt on their hands than falling. Because we were watching and helping the boys navigate the path the only pictures I took were when we got to the top of our climb.

I’m so glad at least Cody will look at the camera.

Don’t they look super excited to be here?

The way down was a challenge and nerve wracking. The path has a large number of rocks on it and we were worried the boys would fall hurt themselves.  Cody walked in front keeping the boys from running and I walked behind telling them almost constantly to walk and help them up when someone tripped. Once we made it back to the parking area we help the boys climb down to the edge of the creek where they had a great time splashing and stomping in the water. We made it home for a quick lunch and not surprisingly they took a nice long nap.
We decided to stay with the hiking theme for the day and headed up to Snowbird. We walked around for a while and then took the tram up to the top. Parker and Nicholas really enjoyed looking out the windows on the ride. Andrew cried the entire time. I felt bad for the other people on the tram, nothing worse than being trapped in an enclosed space with a screaming toddler.
At the top we walked around for a while took some pictures and tried to cheer Andrew up. He eventually calmed down, right up until we had to get back in the tram to head down. This time I held him, we grabbed the ‘emergency towel’ from the diaper bag (yes the boys still love their towels) and tried to keep him quiet. After a few minutes of fussing I gave him my sunglasses to wear and he was fine. I wish we’d have tried that on the way up.  It was another quick meal and the boys fell asleep without a single peep. I love when they fall asleep with out fussing, it makes me feel like we’ve done something right.

Kangaroo Zoo

It keeping with the busy weekend theme we seem to have each weekend. Friday night Cody met me in the driveway with the boys already loaded up to go to Kangaroo Zoo. It was our first time to take the boys to any bounce house playground other than Wild Child.  Wild Child is quite a bit smaller, but that means it can be managed by just one parent. Kangaroo Zoo definitely is not a one parent place.
I was a little worried about how big some of the inflatables are and the climbing. It turns out I had no reason to be concerned. The boys quickly warmed up to even the largest of the slides. It was hard to take pictures while we were there due to the the dimness of the lights and the boys running non-stop. Please excuse the blurriness of some pictures the boys were moving fast.


After looking through all of the pictures I took it looks like I ended up with a lot of pictures of the boys climbing. Probably because it was the only time they were in one place for more than 20 seconds.


It took a few tries for the boys to get the hang of climbing and using the handhelds. As soon as they got it though there was stopping them. One slide I wasn’t so sure about because of just how big it is, it’s three stories tall and fairly steep. At first I was worried that they would get to the top and not want to come down. Since parents can’t go on the inflatables we’d be in trouble if someone decided not to come down on his own. Luckily they were fearless.


Parker had a little trouble climbing up the first time. Cody and I stood at the bottom cheering him on. Since he was leading the charge if he had slipped it would have looked like bowling with toddlers. Taking pictures of the boys coming down the slide provided to be a big challenge. With the covers over the slide it was extra dark and the boy flew down the slide. We also couldn’t see them from the bottom so we had no idea what side the boys would be coming down. I got lucky once and caught Andrew on the way down with Parker waiting and watching from the top.


After about two hours of not stop running we took a short break at the kid sized tables.


Which quickly became chair stacking.


Can I just ask where my little toddlers went, they are looking so much older.


They were done after about another half hour of playing. There is a frozen yogurt place next door where the boys enjoyed some chocolate, vanilla and raspberry pomegranate yogurt while watching Spongebob. Since the place is so large I don’t know when we’ll be back because there are too many other things we’d like to do as a family and the boys are at least a year away from being given free reign there.  

City Creek Canyon

We have been keeping busy and hopefully getting the boys ready for a lot of walking on our next Disney trip. Thursday after Cody got home we loaded up the boys for a drive up City Creek Canyon. It was completely not what we were expecting, but we still had a great time. I expected a parking area and a trail to walk up, instead it was a long slow drive up the canyon on a fairly narrow road. At the top we did get out and followed the trail up to the creek crossing. The trail was only about 3/4 of a mile up to the creek. We didn’t feel like wading through the water so we turned around.


On the way up the boys pointed out all the trees, rocks, bugs and logs and flowers.  Along the trail we came across some recently cut logs that the boys decided were the most exciting thing up there. We drummed on them, we climbed on them and of course posed for some pictures.





On the way back down the hill Nicholas and Parker ran ahead with Cody. Andrew hung back a little to look at the flowers and eventually decided to take a rest on a rock on the middle of the trail. He sat down an immediately started waving and saying bye bye to Daddy and his brothers.


The boys had such a good time walking the trails I’m sure we’ll be back and looking for other trails to take the boys on.

Friday, August 5, 2011

More video from July

I posted a short cell phone video of the boys at our new favorite park. Cody put together a longer video of the highlights from the 2+ hours playing. I love the excited little hops when they run, the way they attempt to slide down everything bridges, grassy hills and even though you don’t see it here the paved trails.
This was the first time for each of them to climb up the chain ladder and I still get nervous watching them climb. It’s so much fun to watch the boys interact with each other. We can’t always understand what they are saying, but they can read each other so well. They watch out for each other and cheer each other on which is something I hope never changes.
The video is quite a bit longer than the ones I usually post, but it’s over two hours cut down to just over six minutes.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The back of their heads

Looking through pictures of the boys I find that Cody and I have both taken a lot of pictures of the back of the boys heads as they run from us. Whenever we let the boys run free the first thing they do is run away at full speed. We’ve tried to get pictures of them running towards us, but as soon as you get in front of them they stop and either turn around and go the other way or split in three separate directions.
Cody took the boys up the canyon to run around a little in the slightly cooler air.  You can see that unless distracted by something really cool like throwing rocks at a tree they just keep going. Cody was using his super zoom lens so it’s hard to tell just how far ahead they were running.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Picnic at Wheeler Farm

This afternoon the boys and I met some of my friends from the local triplet mom’s group at Wheeler Farm to see the animals and have a picnic lunch.  The boys walked with the Kinderkords until lunch time. They were a bit overwhelmed by the geese who were just a little to up close and personal. I wasn’t able to take pictures until we stopped thankfully in the shade. I can’t wait for fall, the 90 degree heat and 50% humidity is just to much for me. As soon as I disconnected the kords the boys ran in three separate directions.

Nicholas was about 20 feet behind me.

We stopped to see the goats, chickens, pigs, a calf and some bunnies. The boys were not over excited by the bunnies. After only a couple minutes Nicholas stated waving and saying bye bye bunnies and pulling me away. I think as a whole the boys were more interested in watching the other kids than the animals. In total we had 5 moms with their triplets age 3 and under, so we blended in really well as usual.
Lunch time was a nice rest in the shade. I was the only one whose kids sat in the wagon to eat, they weren’t buckled in and were happy to eat their sandwiches and some fruit.




After lunch all of the kids ran to play at the nearby playground, sadly it was a little to old for most of the kids. The big slide which the boys normally would love could only be reached by climbing up a ladder. There was still plenty of exploring to do.


The tunnel was a hit with my boys and Angie’s kiddos.


Eventually Andrew grew bored with the playground and decided to play with the wagon instead. I was impressed that he went straight for our wagon and left all of the others alone.  He ended up pulling Nicholas around for about 10 minutes.


By 1:30 we had a fair number of cranky kids ready for naps. We quickly set up for a group shot.


I love spending time with the other MoMs, it’s a great way to pick up tips and compare notes. As an added bonus almost no one asks questions beyond are they all triplets. If the heat keeps up I think the next get together will be at a splash pad or we’ll set up a bunch of little pools in a back yard.