Friday, July 15, 2011

Still alive and kicking

I’m getting behind on blogging. It has been a busy week with some family drama. The drama threw off our normal day to day schedule. Really threw a wrench into Cody and my sleeping schedule (I guess we are too old to stay up to 2 am on a week night). Luckily the boys schedule wasn’t disrupted.

The boys are talking much more than previously, it’s as if they suddenly decided to speak up. Cody asked the boys what they wanted to do for the night while I was at work. Andrew told him, “bicycle ride.” They love going on bike rides. It’s been wonderful for Cody to be able to take all three on his bike.

Two ride in the trailer and they take turns sitting in the bike seat.

Wednesday night Cody took the boys out to eat at Noodles downtown. While driving the Trax train turned down the street, the boys insisted that he “catch train.”

We’ve had some changes around here too. The boys have been introduced to Hot Wheels. Cody bought them each a Lightning McQueen car and an assortment of normal cars. We quickly learned that we’ll need three of each car or at least similarly colored ones. Their new cars have been driven on every surface in the house the boys can reach.

Another introduction this week was using the potty. Originally I didn’t want to get potty chairs, because, well, I didn’t want to wash out potty chairs. Not having a bathroom on the main floor though it’s the only option to let all three sit on the potty at the same time and not leave the other two running wild through the house unsupervised.

We’re not pushing potty training, just introducing the concept. We’ve been sitting the boys on the potty a couple times a day (first thing in the morning, after nap, before bed) and if they go we clap and cheer. If they don’t we thank them for trying. So far Parker has gone almost every time. I think he gets it, but we need to work on him telling us when he needs to go. With luck Andrew and Nicholas will catch up with Parker in using the potty. Someday we’ll be done with diapers and that will be a very exciting day.

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