Sunday, July 31, 2011

One on one time

It was probably way past time that we started doing this, but Friday we officially started a setting up one on one time activities with the boys. Up to this point the only one on one time we’ve had has been at Dr. appointments of which there have been few with just one child.
So with Cody’s down Friday we decided that everyone was going to get some alone time with Dad and next down Friday everyone would get alone time with Mom. With the use of a Parker was chosen to have the first outing with Dad. They went to get an oil change. Not the most exciting adventure, but they had a good time eating a powdered donut. Sadly I only have camera phone pictures.

parker donut

Apparently he was excited and a little apprehensive about the car being lifted off the ground. While they were getting the oil changed I took Nicholas and Andrew to pick up some groceries. I was able to use a shopping cart and still use the basket of the cart.


While Target has shopping carts that two boys can ride in, I remembered why I don’t normally get groceries here. The selection isn’t what I’m used to and the aisles are much to narrow for me to take the choo choo wagon through.
After this first round of errands everyone met at home for lunch and nap time. Round two was Nicholas going to the pet store for cat food. Andrew and Parker went with me to the pharmacy and for a few items I couldn’t get at Target.
Round three was Andrew going out to dinner at Rumbi for a rice bowl while the rest of us ate dinner at home.

We learned that we probably should have started doing this much earlier. There was a lot of fussing, screaming and asking for Mommy/Daddy and brothers. As soon as Cody left with Parker I had a half hour of “Where Daddy go?” and “Where Parker?” A scene that was repeated each time.
It was fun to take the boys out and give them a little more individual attention. I have to admit it was nice to not get stopped constantly to be asked if the boys were triplets and all the other questions that go along with it. The boys were really well behaved for both of us and quickly got over missing the other parent or sibling(s) when confronted with donuts, cookies or sweet potato fries. It was a big reality check for just how busy we usually are with all three boys compared to what it’s like with just one or two at a time. I can’t wait for my turn to take the boys out solo. I’m sure we’ll run some equally exciting errands.

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  1. We did this with the boys a lot when they were younger, and we stopped doing it, for whatever reason, as they got older. And I wish we hadn't because it is harder to separate them, the older they get. But then it gets okay again. When I took two of them out on Saturday, they only asked about Linus a few times. :)