Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Portrait session

Last Saturday Cody had a portrait session with some friends and their kids. He had just over an hour in a park with them. For having less time than he’d like, I think he got some great shots. The only downside was because they were short on time they didn’t have a chance to play with the boys. Natalie (the mom) is a regular babysitter for us and usually a couple of the kids come with her. The boys love to play with them. He took some traditional family shots. Of course he also ended up with a fair number of outtakes, it’s apparently really hard to get 5 people to smile look at or near the camera all at the same time.



Some fun shots of the kids.


She’s such a cutie.

He also was able to do individual shots of the kids, but ran out of time to take picture of the parents. He’d like another chance to get pictures of the just two of them.

DSC09694-M[1] DSC09723-M[1]
I can’t believe how grown up he looks now (I’m starting to feel old).

DSC09732-M[1] DSC09736-M[1]

Cody had a good time and said he learned a lot and can’t wait to do more photo sessions. Now that he’s done his first photos of non-family members he’s given me the okay to schedule some shoots for him. I’m really excited to see him taking photos because he enjoys it so much.

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