Saturday, June 11, 2011

A nice long walk

Thursday night we took the boys out to Gateway and decided to go without strollers or Kinderkords. The boys did really well, but we need to work on them staying with us. We ended up walking 1.5 miles (I was tracking it with my phone), ensuring the boys would be ready for bedtime. When we got there the boys had to go see the trolley trains and we had to walk by the cookie store. Cody commented that maybe they won’t remember. I’m learning that there are few things the boys forget, especially when it comes to cookies.


They enjoyed a peanut butter and chocolate and a double chocolate cookie. Fueled up on sugar it was time to run.


There is a great area of the mall that has only one exit that the boys can use. It is a great place to let them run around a bit and let Cody drink his coffee.  While there we didn’t go in any stores other than for cookies or coffee, we are not ready to let them loose in a store. They can do plenty of damage to displays even when in a stroller.

The boys are still not ready to get to close to the dancing fountains, but they do enjoy the smaller fountains and trying to get away with climbing on the rocks.


We did find one area with some large steps not surrounded by water and the boys spent about 20 minutes just climbing up and down. They were having so much fun. Who knew a couple stairs could be so entertaining.


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No visit is complete without saying hello to the giant bears outside of Build a Bear. We didn’t go in, at least not as a group. Parker broke away from the pack and made it inside, he has mastered grabbing a new toy as quickly as he is made to put one back. That’s what we get for going without strollers when all of the stores have their doors propped open.


By the time we got back to the car the boys were ready to be home.  We watched for trains and trolleys the whole way home.


  1. Super cute blog! We have BBB triplets too! So much fun! How old are your fellas? And I noticed the Old Navy Canada day t-shirts from last year, we had the EXACT same ones (colour and everything) for our boys last year...where in Canada are you guys?

  2. The boys turned 2 in April. We are not from Canada, but have a friend that sent us the shirts.