Thursday, June 30, 2011

More water table fun

Monday night while I was at work Cody filled up the water table and let the boys cool themselves off. Of course the boys had a great time sloshing water all over their shirts, pants and each other. We’ve also decided that the sand and water table is going to be just the water and water table for the time being. The boys fling the sand everywhere and carry it to the other water table.




Cody used a 5 gallon bucket to fill the tables this time instead of the hose, so the game quickly became filling the bucket up from the tables.


After plenty of time playing in the water the boys got to run around in the front yard. Over the weekend a neighbor had a birthday party and had lots of helium balloons left over, so the boys each got a balloon. They love balloons.


Being super dad, Cody let the boys run out all of their energy. Fed them dinner and even had them bathed and in bed on time.

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