Friday, June 3, 2011

Healthy again (lots and lots of pictures)

After a month of coughing the boys are healthy again. It took 3 weeks to get the boys doctor to prescribe antibiotics and their cold to turn into pneumonia. After a week of medication and being stuck in the house we were excited to go outside a play yesterday.
First activity in the back yard was to play with the dirt Cody just used to fill in one of our curbed areas. They made him so proud playing in the dirt.



After getting a bit dirty they moved onto playing with their bubble mowers. Cody took one of his soft boxes outside and took pictures of the boys as they walked past.

Parker and Nicholas


The boys were is such great moods we all had fun playing. It was easy to get a smile from everyone, but not as easy to get anyone to hold still in front of the light to get a picture. I tossed some flowers in front of the light in an attempt to get the boys to hold still for just a moment.



It didn’t take long for the boys to become interested in the flowers so we moved the picture taking to them. So much cuteness. Of course the boys being boys smelling and picking the flowers quickly turning into a flower fight. It was mainly everyone pelting Daddy with flowers while he took pictures.

Gathering ammo.


I got in on the flower fight as well, but only to sprinkle flowers on the boys to get some smiles. It worked really really well. We also took individual pictures. I’ll save those for another post.


Normally I’d feel bad about stripping all of the flowers off of the tree, but it’s growing through the fence and we are going to be cutting it back anyway. The plant carnage.



I’m so happy that everyone is feeling better now. The weather seems to have finally decided that it is summer and I can’t wait to take the boys out to play.


  1. They are so adorable! I am loving all of their happy smiles.

  2. Your boys are awesome! They look like a lot of fun to be around. I have twins 2 year olds and can't imagine adding a 3rd to the mix. Found your blog on Multiples and More.