Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First play date at our house

Yesterday we invited Kristina and her girls over to play. I was excited to see Carlee’s reaction to all of the trains at our house. She’s a Thomas fan. It was cute that she decided that all of the blue engines were Thomas and all the green Percy. The boys kept saying “No, Edward” or “No, Gordon” when she called them Thomas. It looks like we need to spend more time on learning to share, the boys were not to happy about their favorite engines being played with.
They all played with the trains, trucks and cars in the play room.


Of course the girls favorite ‘toy’ was Leo. At first they were a little apprehensive about him. He’s a big cat and they’d never met him. It didn’t take long for the girls to shower him with attention.


Luckily Leo is a very tolerant kitty.


We also played outside for a little while and Kristina watched everyone while I made lunch.


It was fun to have them over. I’m really looking forward to when the boys start playing with each other and other kids instead of just near them. I’m still trying to set up a play date each week. Next week Roxy and her kiddos will be coming over. Since they know all the trains name it’ll be fun to watch.

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