Thursday, June 30, 2011

More water table fun

Monday night while I was at work Cody filled up the water table and let the boys cool themselves off. Of course the boys had a great time sloshing water all over their shirts, pants and each other. We’ve also decided that the sand and water table is going to be just the water and water table for the time being. The boys fling the sand everywhere and carry it to the other water table.




Cody used a 5 gallon bucket to fill the tables this time instead of the hose, so the game quickly became filling the bucket up from the tables.


After plenty of time playing in the water the boys got to run around in the front yard. Over the weekend a neighbor had a birthday party and had lots of helium balloons left over, so the boys each got a balloon. They love balloons.


Being super dad, Cody let the boys run out all of their energy. Fed them dinner and even had them bathed and in bed on time.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Impromptu photo shoot

Since Cody added another seat to his bike he has been taking the boys out to the park or just on a ride almost every night while I’m at work. Last night he took them out to the Legacy Parkway trail and stopped for some pictures in one of the parking lots.



It looks like it was a beautiful sunset and that the boys were having fun.


Our not so little anymore climbers.

DSC05236-M[1] DSC05230-M[1]

Safe to say some of this are going to be framed and added to our photo wall. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We have found the best way to get the boys to come to us. It’s pretty simple we just get down on their level and ask for hugs. They come running every time.

There’s one.

There’s two.

All three.

I’m really enjoying this age. I’m sure time will fly by and before we know it the boys won’t want to run to hug us.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Reading time

Usually a couple times a day the boys will sit down together to ‘read’ some books.  They love pointing out everything to me and each other.


This went on for about a half hour.

Friday, June 24, 2011

North Shore Aquatic Center

This afternoon I met an old friend at the North Shore splash pad and pool for some fun in the sun. We had a lot of fun, I’m so lucky that the boys are well behaved and for the most part listen to me.


After spreading out our towels we headed for the pool. The boys sure show their personalities at the pool. Parker was the first to head in, Andrew a little behind him and carefully watching everything. Nicholas stepped in the water up to his ankles twice and that was it.

Parker and Andrew

The both showed some interest in the slide, but it was crowded and the didn’t get to fully inspect it. Despite trying to see it from all angles. Maybe next time.

Nicholas from where he spent his time, at the edge of the water.

Parker went up to his waist in the water, the deepest of everyone. The pool only goes up to 1.6 feet.


This is the most water Nicholas was willing to get involved in, all of the boys spent a while playing with this little fountain. The smallest fountain available.


I’m glad the boys had fun. At least there were no major meltdowns. On the 4th we are going to play with an inflatable water slide with the family. I’m hoping I can get them to go down that slide.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Portrait session

Last Saturday Cody had a portrait session with some friends and their kids. He had just over an hour in a park with them. For having less time than he’d like, I think he got some great shots. The only downside was because they were short on time they didn’t have a chance to play with the boys. Natalie (the mom) is a regular babysitter for us and usually a couple of the kids come with her. The boys love to play with them. He took some traditional family shots. Of course he also ended up with a fair number of outtakes, it’s apparently really hard to get 5 people to smile look at or near the camera all at the same time.



Some fun shots of the kids.


She’s such a cutie.

He also was able to do individual shots of the kids, but ran out of time to take picture of the parents. He’d like another chance to get pictures of the just two of them.

DSC09694-M[1] DSC09723-M[1]
I can’t believe how grown up he looks now (I’m starting to feel old).

DSC09732-M[1] DSC09736-M[1]

Cody had a good time and said he learned a lot and can’t wait to do more photo sessions. Now that he’s done his first photos of non-family members he’s given me the okay to schedule some shoots for him. I’m really excited to see him taking photos because he enjoys it so much.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First play date at our house

Yesterday we invited Kristina and her girls over to play. I was excited to see Carlee’s reaction to all of the trains at our house. She’s a Thomas fan. It was cute that she decided that all of the blue engines were Thomas and all the green Percy. The boys kept saying “No, Edward” or “No, Gordon” when she called them Thomas. It looks like we need to spend more time on learning to share, the boys were not to happy about their favorite engines being played with.
They all played with the trains, trucks and cars in the play room.


Of course the girls favorite ‘toy’ was Leo. At first they were a little apprehensive about him. He’s a big cat and they’d never met him. It didn’t take long for the girls to shower him with attention.


Luckily Leo is a very tolerant kitty.


We also played outside for a little while and Kristina watched everyone while I made lunch.


It was fun to have them over. I’m really looking forward to when the boys start playing with each other and other kids instead of just near them. I’m still trying to set up a play date each week. Next week Roxy and her kiddos will be coming over. Since they know all the trains name it’ll be fun to watch.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Still busy

It seems like we’ve been going non stop for almost a week now. Last Friday was the monthly girls night out with the local triplet moms. We went to on mom’s house and watched a movie and just chatted. It’s so much fun to spend time with the other moms, it’s great to spend time with people who know exactly some of the challenges and the joys I’ve experienced.
Saturday we spent the morning at home and headed for Ikea after nap time to get some shelves for the playroom. I love walking around Ikea, it gives me lots of ideas and makes me wish I had any talent in decorating. We really need to make a list of what we could use and take a camera with us to the store. We ended up only buying the shelves we went for, which is a first.
Sunday I had my normal shift at work. As soon as I got home we headed out to a park and out to dinner. The boys did great at the playground. It was a much larger one than we usually go to and crowded. Everyone took turns and even went down the big slide. They loved the merry-go-round and I’m sure we’ll be back. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, somewhere we haven’t gone since the boys were still in infant carriers.
The food was great and there was a lot of it. The boys were hilarious with the bread, they serve a dark brown bread that the boys kept calling chocolate. They were asking for chocolate bread through the whole meal. The boy tried corn dogs for the second time and they were a hit. After each bite Nicholas’ eye would go wide and he had a big grin.
Monday the boys had a play date with Roxy’s kids (also triplets). The boys officially have a more active social life than me. I’m trying to set up at least one play date a week if not more. Hopefully it will help the boys get over the shyness they have around people. Of course at some point we’ll have to explain that not all kids come in sets of three.
Sadly I forgot to take my camera so I didn’t get any pictures of the cuteness. Roxy’s kids are about 4 months older than the boys. Her kiddos are also Thomas the Train fans so everyone played with trains and cars. We also spent a little time outside playing and watched some Thomas on TV. I can’t wait to have them come over to play at our house. I think they’ll love all the trains we have to play with.
As we were getting ready to leave I asked Andrew to give Parker a hug, they both ignored me. Roxy’s Reese listened though and gave Parker a hug and a kiss. Reese is such a little doll, it was adorable. It still throws me off seeing kids the boys age because the boys are usually bigger than the other kids. Reese is a petite little girl about 8 lbs lighter and 5 inches shorter than Parker making him look huge next to her. I look forward to more play dates in the future.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A nice long walk

Thursday night we took the boys out to Gateway and decided to go without strollers or Kinderkords. The boys did really well, but we need to work on them staying with us. We ended up walking 1.5 miles (I was tracking it with my phone), ensuring the boys would be ready for bedtime. When we got there the boys had to go see the trolley trains and we had to walk by the cookie store. Cody commented that maybe they won’t remember. I’m learning that there are few things the boys forget, especially when it comes to cookies.


They enjoyed a peanut butter and chocolate and a double chocolate cookie. Fueled up on sugar it was time to run.


There is a great area of the mall that has only one exit that the boys can use. It is a great place to let them run around a bit and let Cody drink his coffee.  While there we didn’t go in any stores other than for cookies or coffee, we are not ready to let them loose in a store. They can do plenty of damage to displays even when in a stroller.

The boys are still not ready to get to close to the dancing fountains, but they do enjoy the smaller fountains and trying to get away with climbing on the rocks.


We did find one area with some large steps not surrounded by water and the boys spent about 20 minutes just climbing up and down. They were having so much fun. Who knew a couple stairs could be so entertaining.


1000000186-M[1] 1000000192-M[1]

No visit is complete without saying hello to the giant bears outside of Build a Bear. We didn’t go in, at least not as a group. Parker broke away from the pack and made it inside, he has mastered grabbing a new toy as quickly as he is made to put one back. That’s what we get for going without strollers when all of the stores have their doors propped open.


By the time we got back to the car the boys were ready to be home.  We watched for trains and trolleys the whole way home.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Love that we have a neighborhood park

The weather has been wonderful in the last week and we’ve enjoyed letting the boys run off energy. On nights I’m at work Cody often heads for the park down the street. The boys run up and down the hills, play on the playground and just have a wonderful time. Cody took all of the picture in black and white, I love the effect.



I can’t believe just last year we’d have to help the boys up the stairs and set them down the slide. Now they do it all by themselves.

1000000144-M[1] 1000000149-M[1]

That’s Nicholas going up the stairs and Andrew coming down the slide, note the ever present tongue sticking out. It’s going to be a fun summer.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flash back Friday

A picture of the boys from last October at our neighborhood park.

Nicholas, Parker, Andrew

Same park last Sunday.

Andrew, Nicholas, Parker

I find it amazing just how fast they grow and that putting wood chips on seats is just as entertaining.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Play date at Wild Child

Yesterday I met a friend and her girls at Wild Child for a play date. We lucked out and had the place to ourselves the whole time we were there. The boys are big enough now to do almost everything by themselves. The only thing they can’t quite do is climb onto the obstacle course. All six kiddos ran around and had a great time. I wasn’t able to take a bunch of pictures because I was in the bouncers with the boys or breaking up toy disputes.
The boys discovered the drinking fountains for the first time. Luckily they are not tall enough to attempt to get their mouths to the spout, but they did do some splashing.


It didn’t take long for Nicholas and Parker to work together. Parker would press the button and Nicholas would divert the stream splashing them both. It took a fair amount of work to get the boys to go back to play in the bouncers. I couldn’t get the boys to hold still and look at me, but Kristina had  a secret weapon. A camera with a light on the front.


The boys love cameras. I wonder where that comes from. A room full of toys and all the boys want to do is look at a camera.


I didn’t think to get a group picture, after two and a half hours though everyone was tired and ready to go home. I’m sure we’ll be back. After they start their punch card deal back up. Stung a little paying full price this time. With kids being this happy though we can’t not go back.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Water and sand tables

With the weather being nice for a few days we (Cody) set up the water and sand tables the boys got for their birthday. At first they were not sure what to do with them, but it didn’t take long for the splashing, digging and getting messy to start.

Andrew, Nicholas, Parker

Sand was shoveled.


Water was poured.


Of course there was splashing.


After an hour or so of playing the boys were soaked and filthy.


It’s a good thing they love bath time. This adventure also confirmed that the boys are allergic to the sunscreen we’ve been using. We found a sensitive skin version that doesn’t have the same active ingredients, so far no reactions.