Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mini photo shoot

Last night (while I was at work) Cody set up his soft boxes and took some shots of the boys. Soft boxes give a nice soft even light. Cody was tickling the boys if they didn’t want to smile on their own. Apparently Nicholas saw the camera and gave him what he called a cheesy smile.

I think it’s a great smile, note the death grip on Thomas and Spencer and Trevor. His favorite engines.

Parker who was definitely being tickled was trying to protect his tummy from further tickling.


Andrew was full on cracking up.


Completely unrelated, Cody and the boys went on for a walk before dinner on Tuesday night. About a block from our house the boys decided to take a break on the neighbors stairs. Sadly Cody didn’t have his camera with him, but did snap a picture with his phone. No trace of baby left in them, just little boys.

Andrew, Nicholas, Parker

I guess the home owner pulled into the driveway while the boys were hanging out. Luckily he recognized Cody from the walks last year with the stroller.

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