Monday, May 23, 2011

Memory Grove

Saturday was a nice break from the rain, so we took the boys to Memory Grove to let them run off some energy. I took my camera to attempt to get some pictures. It was such a nice day and it was great to see people out enjoying the spring weather. We also saw at least a dozen people doing photo shoots. A few families, brides, kids and lots of couples. Next time go Cody plans to take some lighting gear for portraits.
It was hard to get the boys to hold still for pictures with so many hills and stairs to climb.

003 005

Taking pictures quickly became a game of trying to get in front of the boys and catch them on their way to the next spot to play.


We did find a log bench that the boys sat on long enough for us to take a group picture. Parker was way too interested in the people walking by to look at the camera.


The boys favorite thing to do ended up being climbing up a hill and running down it. I was so nervous that someone would fall at the bottom.


We had a great time walking around. It was adorable watching the boys follow Daddy.


When Cody got too far ahead of them, usually because they stopped to look at a dog, he would crouch down and ask for hugs. The boys would go running, they love their Daddy.


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