Friday, May 13, 2011


With the nice weather we decided it was time to break out the bubbles for the boys. We found no spill bubble bucket with three wands. It was great to not have any fights over the new toy. First Cody demonstrated how to blow bubbles.


The boys tried, but were not successful in blowing their own bubbles. I was just impressed they didn’t immediately just try to chew on the wands.


Not being able to blow their own bubbles didn’t upset anyone. It’s much more fun to play with the bubbles that Dad blows. No bubbles in this picture, but I really wish I knew what Nicholas was explaining to Parker.


Soon we had bubbles everywhere. With the fence in the bubbles tend to get stuck in the back yard swirling around. It looks like a big washing machine. I think those pictures are on Cody’s camera. You can tell they were excited though.


In addition to the traditional bubbles, I found some bubbles that don’t pop when touched. After about twenty minutes the lawn was covered with bubbles. The boys and I had bubbles stuck in our hair and on our arms as well. Eventually the thrill of playing with bubbles wore off and we attempted some group photos.

The best one of the 15 taken. Two kiddos looking in the general direction of the camera.

It is so nice to just relax in the yard, but Cody had to be reminded why we don’t lay down on the ground/floor when the boys are around.


At first Nicholas was happy to just lay next to Cody on the grass. It didn’t last long. Get Daddy!


The boys each got a shoulder ride, sadly my memory card was full and I only got picture of Nicholas on his turn.


The water tables have been assembled. I can’t wait to let the boys play with them.


  1. I LOVE those bubbles. I feel like they were invented for triplets! :D And I like how the O on the wand is small, so it makes lots of bubbles. :D

  2. I have been tagging along on your life's journey since you first discovered you were pregnant. Your boys are so cute, and getting SO big! You and Cody have done an incredible job.