Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day out with Thomas

Thursday we took the boys to see Thomas, well at least a full sized version of him. We’ve been looking forward to this for months. Cody left work a couple hours early so we could make the drive up to the rail station. The boys have been fighting a cold for a few weeks now, so they were subdued. I could rant about the issue we’ve been having with our former pediatrician, but I’ll spare you.
We arrived about an hour early to look around. There were multiple tents set up for storytellers, train tables, temporary tattoos, Sir Topham Hatt and of course a large gift shop. The boys were cranky, really cranky.


We spent a fair amount of time looking through the gift shop. We bought the boys each a conductor’s hat, something we’ve been looking to purchase for a while and a poster to hang in the play room. The boys were terrified of Topham Hatt, but spent some time playing with all the train sets.


Despite the crankiness everyone was pretty happy to board the train. They had decorated the cars with banners and pictures of different engines. The conductor went down the aisles giving all of the kids a junior conductor certificate. During the ride they played a short story that encouraged everyone to participate. The boys were pretty excited and a bit surprised to hear Thomas coming over the speakers.


It was a 30 minute train ride afterwards we walked through the hay lined path and over to wait in line to have our picture taken with Thomas.


There was no way the boys would stand alone for a picture, face the camera and stay together. Cody and I took turns posing for pictures.


In the pictures with me I’m the only one smiling, Parker and Nicholas are crying. They were so done for the day.  We plan on going next year, where hopefully no one is sick. We already have the hats.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Milk and crackers

The boys have long been fans of graham crackers, but recently they saw Cody eating his dipped in milk. Of course they had to try it.


It was an instant favorite.


Now they always ask for milk with their crackers at least from me. From Cody they have refused to eat them without being given milk as well. They are such characters.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Memory Grove

Saturday was a nice break from the rain, so we took the boys to Memory Grove to let them run off some energy. I took my camera to attempt to get some pictures. It was such a nice day and it was great to see people out enjoying the spring weather. We also saw at least a dozen people doing photo shoots. A few families, brides, kids and lots of couples. Next time go Cody plans to take some lighting gear for portraits.
It was hard to get the boys to hold still for pictures with so many hills and stairs to climb.

003 005

Taking pictures quickly became a game of trying to get in front of the boys and catch them on their way to the next spot to play.


We did find a log bench that the boys sat on long enough for us to take a group picture. Parker was way too interested in the people walking by to look at the camera.


The boys favorite thing to do ended up being climbing up a hill and running down it. I was so nervous that someone would fall at the bottom.


We had a great time walking around. It was adorable watching the boys follow Daddy.


When Cody got too far ahead of them, usually because they stopped to look at a dog, he would crouch down and ask for hugs. The boys would go running, they love their Daddy.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wild Children

Tonight we went to Wild Child to let the boys run off some energy. I think we’ve reached just about the perfect age for this place or at least they are not to young for everything. The boys really have the hang of the bouncers now. They ran, jumped and slid down everything. I’ve noticed especially lately that the boys have something in common with their uncle. They stick their tongues out when concentrating.

Shot was just a little to late, but it’s hard to catch running jumping kids.

Wild Child has three bouncers: the toddler one, the moon bounce with attached slide and the obstacle course. The toddler bouncer is great for the boys to run around and be crazy.

081 084 085

The moon bounce isn’t great for pictures due to the netting, but the slide is always a hit. For the first time all of the boys were putting themselves down the slide. Last time Andrew wouldn’t go down without one of us. They are also going down sitting up instead of of on their stomachs feet first. It is still more fun to go with Mom or Dad though.


Finally there is the obstacle course where Nicholas is determined to give me a heart attack. To get into the course you have to climb a foam/plastic ladder. Normally the boys wait to be lifted to the top. Nicholas just went for it and can do it by himself. It’s 5 ft high climb up.


Once in the obstacle course, it’s down a slide through some barriers and over or under a couple tubes of air. 097

As usual we left with the boys a bit tired and we all had a great time.

I took a lot of pictures of the boys playing on the non-inflatable toys, but I’ll save those for tomorrow.

Mini photo shoot

Last night (while I was at work) Cody set up his soft boxes and took some shots of the boys. Soft boxes give a nice soft even light. Cody was tickling the boys if they didn’t want to smile on their own. Apparently Nicholas saw the camera and gave him what he called a cheesy smile.

I think it’s a great smile, note the death grip on Thomas and Spencer and Trevor. His favorite engines.

Parker who was definitely being tickled was trying to protect his tummy from further tickling.


Andrew was full on cracking up.


Completely unrelated, Cody and the boys went on for a walk before dinner on Tuesday night. About a block from our house the boys decided to take a break on the neighbors stairs. Sadly Cody didn’t have his camera with him, but did snap a picture with his phone. No trace of baby left in them, just little boys.

Andrew, Nicholas, Parker

I guess the home owner pulled into the driveway while the boys were hanging out. Luckily he recognized Cody from the walks last year with the stroller.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Since the boys were given three water tables for their birthday, we decided to return one of them and get a car set. While the boys love playing with the cars and sending them down all of the ramps they found a new way to play. Cody had given the boys some Disney character magnets to play with the night before and they found a to combine them.

I love the giggling.

Friday, May 13, 2011


With the nice weather we decided it was time to break out the bubbles for the boys. We found no spill bubble bucket with three wands. It was great to not have any fights over the new toy. First Cody demonstrated how to blow bubbles.


The boys tried, but were not successful in blowing their own bubbles. I was just impressed they didn’t immediately just try to chew on the wands.


Not being able to blow their own bubbles didn’t upset anyone. It’s much more fun to play with the bubbles that Dad blows. No bubbles in this picture, but I really wish I knew what Nicholas was explaining to Parker.


Soon we had bubbles everywhere. With the fence in the bubbles tend to get stuck in the back yard swirling around. It looks like a big washing machine. I think those pictures are on Cody’s camera. You can tell they were excited though.


In addition to the traditional bubbles, I found some bubbles that don’t pop when touched. After about twenty minutes the lawn was covered with bubbles. The boys and I had bubbles stuck in our hair and on our arms as well. Eventually the thrill of playing with bubbles wore off and we attempted some group photos.

The best one of the 15 taken. Two kiddos looking in the general direction of the camera.

It is so nice to just relax in the yard, but Cody had to be reminded why we don’t lay down on the ground/floor when the boys are around.


At first Nicholas was happy to just lay next to Cody on the grass. It didn’t last long. Get Daddy!


The boys each got a shoulder ride, sadly my memory card was full and I only got picture of Nicholas on his turn.


The water tables have been assembled. I can’t wait to let the boys play with them.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I love having a fence

I'm way behind on blogging, but it has been a busy week. Trying to catch up.

When it’s not raining or snowing (in May? Really?) we have been enjoying getting to run around in our yard. There is so much to do and we haven’t even set up the water and sand tables yet. We climb up and down the stairs over and over and over again.


The boys love the garden tools we picked up for them, lucky for us it was a three pack. Like most toys that come in sets the boys decide who’s is who’s and stick to it. Nicholas has the rake, Andrew the shovel and Parker the hoe. I just realized Andrew and Nicholas picked the toys in ‘their’ colors. Guess the brainwashing sets in early.
Since the tables are not yet set up our time is spent running around kicking and chasing balls and each other.


For the most part the boys are not willing to pose for the camera, at least not as a group. Sometimes I can get one to hold still for me. Andrew was especially cooperative.

044 049

Parker not so much, but I’m sneaky.

047 046

Nicholas I couldn’t get to hold still or look at me.

After all that running the boys will sit down briefly before round two starts.

026 029

The best part of the back yard is still when Daddy gets home.