Friday, April 22, 2011

Two year check up

This morning we took the boys to their check up appointment and it was all good news. While I knew the boys had grown taller since all of their winter pants looked like floods. They had a big growth spurt and jumped about 25% on the charts for height, but weight was steady percentage wise.

Andrew and Parker are both 28 lbs 12 oz and 36 inches tall. Both growing about 3 inches in the last 6 months. I was surprised that their weights were exactly the same. For some reason I thought Andrew weighed more. Nicholas is now 25 lbs 8 oz and 35 inches. Still just a little bit smaller, but he also grew 3 inches. Everyone gained just about 3 lbs from the last check up, so at least they’re consistent.
Their doctor was happy with their development both in motor skills (they were climbing whatever they could reach in the room) and speech. Now we get to go a whole year without another visit assuming no one gets sick.

I can’t believe that my babies are going to be two and no longer babies. They have turned into little boys.

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