Sunday, April 17, 2011

Supporting the train obsession

With the boys birthday coming up and their continued obsession trains we decided it was time to get a train set. For the last week the boys have been lining up blocks and pushing them around the room calling them choo choos. So we started looking online for a used wooden Thomas and friends set. We found a great one today at a reasonable price. Cody picked it up during nap time and we couldn’t wait until next weekend to let them play.
We set it up, built a track and let them find it.

At first they were in awe. It’s probably wrong of us but I can’t help but giggle at the mild frustration Parker displays when a car tips over. It was pretty sad when Nick completely lost it over the derailment. After about a half hour we managed to limit the number of engines each kid was holding to prevent derailment. The spent the whole afternoon playing with the trains. We had to drag them away to feed them dinner. At least until Cody mentioned bath time. I guess the only thing that trumps trains is bath time.

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