Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shopping without a stroller or wagon

On Saturday I had to run some final errands for the boys birthday party including a trip to Costco to get some ice cream. Since I was just going into the store to get one item I didn’t want to load the choo choo wagon or a stroller. For the first time I piled everyone into a shopping cart.

Easter and Birthday 023

They had a great time in the cart. Andrew and Parker were giggling at each other and occasionally turning around to talk to Nicholas. Who I’m happy to say stayed sitting down in the cart the whole time. As we wandered through the store another customer was trying out a bike. The boys all clapped and cheered for the guy as he rode down the aisle. The rider got a big kick out of it as well.
I couldn’t put anything in the cart with Nicholas so I don’t think this will work for regular shopping, but worked wonderfully for a quick trip.

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  1. I bet it felt so liberating to not have the choo choo or the stroller! Nice work Lisa!