Friday, April 1, 2011

More fun at the aquarium

Last Friday we went to the aquarium (again) only this time Cody was able to come with us. That means no stroller or wagon needed. I love when we get to go as a family because it means the boys get to see a lot more and good pictures.


The boys are proving that they have been listening to us all this time as we pointed out the different fish by naming them for us for the first time. They have all been saying fish/fishies for a long time, but this time they also said catshark, jellies and starfish.



We spent a couple hours walking around looking at everything including the gift shop. For the first time we bought the boys a souvenir. I’ve looked before, but haven’t found 3 different colored same animals. This time Cody found frogs.


The whole drive home the boys were saying ‘hop hop hop’ and bouncing the frogs all over their seats. At one point Parker waved his frogs little arm and said hi for it. Andrew and Nick quickly copied him. So we had a van full of hopping and waving frogs.

Today we went to the zoo with 17 other families with triplets. I’ll have pictures and maybe video of tomorrow.

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