Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We had a very busy day (just like always), the bunny didn’t make much of a visit to our house this year. The boys each got an egg containing a miniature Thomas and Friends engine. After some playing with the new trains and trying to keep the boys from spreading toys everywhere we headed out for brunch with the family.

Easter and Birthday 027

The boys even posed for a few seconds in their chairs. I love their Easter outfits, such little gentleman.

Easter and Birthday 041

After a wonderful meal we headed outside, luckily the weather cooperated and we had an egg hunt. Everyone had 5 real eggs to find and 3 plastic jelly bean filled eggs. I walked Parker around to find his yellow eggs, Cody had Andrew looking for orange eggs and Nicholas was with grandpa finding the green eggs. I don’t have Cody’s pictures yet, but the boys had a blast.

Easter and Birthday 048  Easter and Birthday 052

Easter and Birthday 059 Easter and Birthday 072

Easter and Birthday 068 Easter and Birthday 063

It took some work, but the boys did figure out how to open the plastic eggs. Jelly beans were everywhere.

Easter and Birthday 083 

Nicholas was so into opening the plastic eggs he managed to rip a real egg in half. He was less than impressed with the yolk center instead of a jelly bean.

It was wonderful to get some sunshine and let the boys run around. Of course everyone took a lot of pictures, even Nicholas got in on the camera action.

Easter and Birthday 086

After the egg hunt we went home for a nice long nap and for the boys birthday party.

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