Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday boys

I can’t believe the boys are two already. The boys have grown and changed so much in the last year. They went from crawling to walking (and running), bottles to sippies, talking, using utensils to eat everything. Beyond everything they’ve learned and can do now, I think it’s a little crazy that they are now 50% heavier than last year and have each grown half a foot.

For their birthday I ordered the boys some Thomas shirts in their colors with names printed on them. I ordered them a bit large so they can wear them for a while. I wasn’t able to get a good group picture because the boys were all over the place with their cousins. We’ll be doing a photo shoot with the boys later this week and I’ll get them back in the shirts for it.  The boys were spoiled this year with toys for the backyard. We are very prepared for having our fence up.

Easter and Birthday 107

Easter and Birthday 109

The boys were more into unwrapping gifts than they have been previously. They really liked tearing the paper.

Easter and Birthday 111

Easter and Birthday 112

The boys received a picnic table, a sand and water table, and two water tables from their grandparents. They also got some Thomas phones, books and little people. Cody and I gave the boys tricycles.


Like last year I made each of the boys a mini cake. We sang happy birthday and let the boys attempt to blow out their candles. The plan was to put a cake down in front of each of them and let them go crazy for about 10 minutes. The boys were not interested in attacking the cakes until we gave them forks.

Easter and Birthday 128 Easter and Birthday 137 Easter and Birthday 150

Waiting for forks.

Easter and Birthday 152
Digging in.

Easter and Birthday 154

I’m not sure how much made it in their mouths, but the seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Easter and Birthday 161

It was a long and wonderful day. I’m looking forward to this next year, the boys are at such a fun age. They are curious about everything and are starting to show their imaginations while they play. It’s an amazing thing to watch.


  1. Happy Birthday to your boys! They are just so adorable. 2 years old is such a fun age :)