Thursday, April 28, 2011

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After the boys well child check last week we took them to the children’s museum for some fun. It was packed, but we still had a good time. Because it was so crowded we ushered the boys in to the area gated off for kids 3 and under. The boys favorite part is the large metal slide.

Easter and Birthday 006

The run up and down it, roll toys down the smooth slide and the bumpy side. This time Andrew wasn’t content with just sending toys down the slide. Instead he rode the pink horse down it it a turtle costume (of course).

Easter and Birthday 005

Sadly we did have a run in with another child while playing. Normally I’m a little on edge with dozens of kids running around while I’m trying to keep an eye on just my kids.  The museum provides the added challenge of most of those kids not being supervised. At one point Nicholas was trying to play with a toy and another boy grabbed him by the shirt and pushed him to the ground. I was watching Andrew and Parker so Cody stepped in. The child’s mother was sitting about two feet away. Cody asked her simply “is that your kid?” Her response was to snap “he’s autistic, there’s nothing I can do.” She then picked up her child and stomped away. I was in shock.
He didn’t accuse, yell or do anything other than try to force her to intervene. Since I have no idea what it’s like to have a child on the spectrum I don’t know what the suggested response is, but I would assume that no matter what you should stop a behavior that includes possibly injuring another child. It would be like me responding to the boys breaking something with “they’re triplets, I’m outnumbered, there’s nothing I can do.”
Anyway, moving on. The boys also enjoyed playing with the water tables.

Easter and Birthday 002

We moved them from the table when they started filling up cups of water to drink. Nicholas was there too. When we take the boys we take turns watching two or one of them at a time using hand signals and a lot of counting heads. I just didn’t seem to get any pictures of him downstairs.
Normally we spend most of our time on the lower level which we always thought had all of the little kids stuff, but due to the crowd we spent more time upstairs. There is a helicopter up on the balcony that the boys are always excited to see until they get close and remember how loud it gets.  They were a little afraid of it.

Easter and Birthday 008 

We tried to get a group shot, but they boys were not okay with sitting in the helicopter.

Easter and Birthday 012
That’s both Andrew and Parker crying.

Upstairs we found that they had giant blocks to build with and magnetic toys too. Not to mention stools for climbing on.

Easter and Birthday 018

Easter and Birthday 020 Easter and Birthday 021

Since we have a membership it never bothers me if we only stay for an hour or two before leaving. Eventually I hope to find a regular time to go that isn’t quite so busy. The boys don’t seem to mind the other kids as long as there is still something for them to climb on or play with.

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