Friday, April 15, 2011

Bye Bye trees

We are having a fence installed in the next week. I’m super excited to finally have a safe area for the boys to run around. Currently our back yard has a ditch running behind it with water in it. It makes me very nervous to let the boys play back there right now.
With the fence going in a bunch of trees had to be trimmed out and a couple removed completely. The boys watched the trees being removed and spent the three hours it took for the trees to come down waving and saying “bye bye trees” It was cute and I’m sure they will love having a yard all to themselves.



We’ve had some issues with the neighbor kids being very bossy and bullying the boys. It makes me crazy, the parents of the kids go back in the house as soon as they see us outside. They assume we are there so we are watching the kids. The kids are 4 and 3 years old and normally being supervised by an older sibling who I think is 11. Keeping track of three toddlers is hard enough, 5 is a bit to much for me.
The fence means I can play with my kiddos without having to watch for them for being pushed down or having their cars stolen. It means by the end of the summer we’ll have a water table and maybe even a playground. Today was the first day of what I hope is finally spring, yesterday it snowed. Fingers crossed for nice weather for the boys birthday next week.

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