Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anniversary weekend

This last Sunday Cody and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Saturday we dropped the boys off at a friend and fellow triplet mom’s house. She and her husband took on the boys and their 3 cuties while we went to lunch. We had also planned on going to a movie, but we didn’t want to see anything that is playing. Instead we went to Nickel Mania (the arcade) for a couple hours of pinball, skee ball and some classic games. It was wonderful to have a meal without trying to keep everything out of reach from little hands.

We were told the boys were really good and played nice with the the girls. They seemed like they had a lot of fun. Next time we’ll watch their kids for a weekend so they can have a date.
Sunday we also went out to lunch (thanks Natalie!) and then went geocaching.

We had sort of agreed not to exchange gifts this year, but Cody gave me a new camera. It’s a Sony A55, the same body as his second camera. When we ordered the first one it was so we would have a camera that could also do HD video and in a smaller size to take pictures of the boys when we are out and about. The idea was so that I’d have a camera to use while he had his. Turns out he loves his A55 and prefers to use it, so now I have one of my own. This means I should have more pictures to share since I’m on my own for processing. He’ll still fix the ones that really need it, but I’m okay with less than perfect lighting. I will start using an external flash just for even lighting.

Most of our videos are now taken with the A55, works really well.

As you can see the boys really love their cozy coupes and Cody can’t help but tease them a little. I’m playing with spiking the boys hair, it’s cute but it makes the boys seem so much older. Sadly it doesn’t usually survive nap time.

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