Thursday, April 28, 2011

Discovery Gateway

After the boys well child check last week we took them to the children’s museum for some fun. It was packed, but we still had a good time. Because it was so crowded we ushered the boys in to the area gated off for kids 3 and under. The boys favorite part is the large metal slide.

Easter and Birthday 006

The run up and down it, roll toys down the smooth slide and the bumpy side. This time Andrew wasn’t content with just sending toys down the slide. Instead he rode the pink horse down it it a turtle costume (of course).

Easter and Birthday 005

Sadly we did have a run in with another child while playing. Normally I’m a little on edge with dozens of kids running around while I’m trying to keep an eye on just my kids.  The museum provides the added challenge of most of those kids not being supervised. At one point Nicholas was trying to play with a toy and another boy grabbed him by the shirt and pushed him to the ground. I was watching Andrew and Parker so Cody stepped in. The child’s mother was sitting about two feet away. Cody asked her simply “is that your kid?” Her response was to snap “he’s autistic, there’s nothing I can do.” She then picked up her child and stomped away. I was in shock.
He didn’t accuse, yell or do anything other than try to force her to intervene. Since I have no idea what it’s like to have a child on the spectrum I don’t know what the suggested response is, but I would assume that no matter what you should stop a behavior that includes possibly injuring another child. It would be like me responding to the boys breaking something with “they’re triplets, I’m outnumbered, there’s nothing I can do.”
Anyway, moving on. The boys also enjoyed playing with the water tables.

Easter and Birthday 002

We moved them from the table when they started filling up cups of water to drink. Nicholas was there too. When we take the boys we take turns watching two or one of them at a time using hand signals and a lot of counting heads. I just didn’t seem to get any pictures of him downstairs.
Normally we spend most of our time on the lower level which we always thought had all of the little kids stuff, but due to the crowd we spent more time upstairs. There is a helicopter up on the balcony that the boys are always excited to see until they get close and remember how loud it gets.  They were a little afraid of it.

Easter and Birthday 008 

We tried to get a group shot, but they boys were not okay with sitting in the helicopter.

Easter and Birthday 012
That’s both Andrew and Parker crying.

Upstairs we found that they had giant blocks to build with and magnetic toys too. Not to mention stools for climbing on.

Easter and Birthday 018

Easter and Birthday 020 Easter and Birthday 021

Since we have a membership it never bothers me if we only stay for an hour or two before leaving. Eventually I hope to find a regular time to go that isn’t quite so busy. The boys don’t seem to mind the other kids as long as there is still something for them to climb on or play with.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shopping without a stroller or wagon

On Saturday I had to run some final errands for the boys birthday party including a trip to Costco to get some ice cream. Since I was just going into the store to get one item I didn’t want to load the choo choo wagon or a stroller. For the first time I piled everyone into a shopping cart.

Easter and Birthday 023

They had a great time in the cart. Andrew and Parker were giggling at each other and occasionally turning around to talk to Nicholas. Who I’m happy to say stayed sitting down in the cart the whole time. As we wandered through the store another customer was trying out a bike. The boys all clapped and cheered for the guy as he rode down the aisle. The rider got a big kick out of it as well.
I couldn’t put anything in the cart with Nicholas so I don’t think this will work for regular shopping, but worked wonderfully for a quick trip.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday boys

I can’t believe the boys are two already. The boys have grown and changed so much in the last year. They went from crawling to walking (and running), bottles to sippies, talking, using utensils to eat everything. Beyond everything they’ve learned and can do now, I think it’s a little crazy that they are now 50% heavier than last year and have each grown half a foot.

For their birthday I ordered the boys some Thomas shirts in their colors with names printed on them. I ordered them a bit large so they can wear them for a while. I wasn’t able to get a good group picture because the boys were all over the place with their cousins. We’ll be doing a photo shoot with the boys later this week and I’ll get them back in the shirts for it.  The boys were spoiled this year with toys for the backyard. We are very prepared for having our fence up.

Easter and Birthday 107

Easter and Birthday 109

The boys were more into unwrapping gifts than they have been previously. They really liked tearing the paper.

Easter and Birthday 111

Easter and Birthday 112

The boys received a picnic table, a sand and water table, and two water tables from their grandparents. They also got some Thomas phones, books and little people. Cody and I gave the boys tricycles.


Like last year I made each of the boys a mini cake. We sang happy birthday and let the boys attempt to blow out their candles. The plan was to put a cake down in front of each of them and let them go crazy for about 10 minutes. The boys were not interested in attacking the cakes until we gave them forks.

Easter and Birthday 128 Easter and Birthday 137 Easter and Birthday 150

Waiting for forks.

Easter and Birthday 152
Digging in.

Easter and Birthday 154

I’m not sure how much made it in their mouths, but the seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Easter and Birthday 161

It was a long and wonderful day. I’m looking forward to this next year, the boys are at such a fun age. They are curious about everything and are starting to show their imaginations while they play. It’s an amazing thing to watch.

Happy Easter

We had a very busy day (just like always), the bunny didn’t make much of a visit to our house this year. The boys each got an egg containing a miniature Thomas and Friends engine. After some playing with the new trains and trying to keep the boys from spreading toys everywhere we headed out for brunch with the family.

Easter and Birthday 027

The boys even posed for a few seconds in their chairs. I love their Easter outfits, such little gentleman.

Easter and Birthday 041

After a wonderful meal we headed outside, luckily the weather cooperated and we had an egg hunt. Everyone had 5 real eggs to find and 3 plastic jelly bean filled eggs. I walked Parker around to find his yellow eggs, Cody had Andrew looking for orange eggs and Nicholas was with grandpa finding the green eggs. I don’t have Cody’s pictures yet, but the boys had a blast.

Easter and Birthday 048  Easter and Birthday 052

Easter and Birthday 059 Easter and Birthday 072

Easter and Birthday 068 Easter and Birthday 063

It took some work, but the boys did figure out how to open the plastic eggs. Jelly beans were everywhere.

Easter and Birthday 083 

Nicholas was so into opening the plastic eggs he managed to rip a real egg in half. He was less than impressed with the yolk center instead of a jelly bean.

It was wonderful to get some sunshine and let the boys run around. Of course everyone took a lot of pictures, even Nicholas got in on the camera action.

Easter and Birthday 086

After the egg hunt we went home for a nice long nap and for the boys birthday party.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Two year check up

This morning we took the boys to their check up appointment and it was all good news. While I knew the boys had grown taller since all of their winter pants looked like floods. They had a big growth spurt and jumped about 25% on the charts for height, but weight was steady percentage wise.

Andrew and Parker are both 28 lbs 12 oz and 36 inches tall. Both growing about 3 inches in the last 6 months. I was surprised that their weights were exactly the same. For some reason I thought Andrew weighed more. Nicholas is now 25 lbs 8 oz and 35 inches. Still just a little bit smaller, but he also grew 3 inches. Everyone gained just about 3 lbs from the last check up, so at least they’re consistent.
Their doctor was happy with their development both in motor skills (they were climbing whatever they could reach in the room) and speech. Now we get to go a whole year without another visit assuming no one gets sick.

I can’t believe that my babies are going to be two and no longer babies. They have turned into little boys.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What a week

It’s been a long and challenging week. On Saturday I started feeling not so great and by Sunday my sinuses were shot, throat sore and all that jazz. The boys were still coughing a little and had runny noses. To add to the fun of the week Monday morning Cody woke me up to let me know that if I wanted a hot shower I’d need to do it then since the pilot light on the water heater had gone out and wouldn’t re-light.
Turns out it was a fairly simple fix, but the part we needed was only available from Whirlpool.  We didn’t find out that the local hardware store didn’t have the right part until Monday night. Tuesday Cody called and ordered the part. So it wasn’t until this morning we had hot water again. I will never take hot water for granted again. I spent the week warming water on the stove and took some of the coldest showers ever.
With everyone recovering, we had a fairly lazy week. A couple pj days and just playing at the house. Luckily the boys are so obsessed with their new train table they are fine playing at home. We have reached a point of all trains all the time. The good news is the boys no longer kick and scream and have to be dragged away from the train table. They will put their engines in the table drawer and say bye-bye.


For the most part the boys will drive the trains on the table, but they also have found they will roll on the window sill.


After a couple hours the boys can get over stimulated with their trains and we put them away and try to get the boys to play with another toy in the vast collection they have. Given all the options of course they decide to use a toy in a completely new and different way.


At one point all three were lined up riding the basketball hoop like a horse, but I wasn’t fast enough with the camera. We’ll be adding even more sand to the base tonight.

We are busy getting ready for the boys birthday party and well baby check up. Going to be a busy and exciting weekend.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Better than trains

The only thing that has gotten the boys excited and distracted from playing with their trains is bath time. They love their baths. Maybe it’s because Cody ends up at wet as they are.

At some point in every bath the camera has to go away due to splashing. That and well bath time needs to be a little productive.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Supporting the train obsession

With the boys birthday coming up and their continued obsession trains we decided it was time to get a train set. For the last week the boys have been lining up blocks and pushing them around the room calling them choo choos. So we started looking online for a used wooden Thomas and friends set. We found a great one today at a reasonable price. Cody picked it up during nap time and we couldn’t wait until next weekend to let them play.
We set it up, built a track and let them find it.

At first they were in awe. It’s probably wrong of us but I can’t help but giggle at the mild frustration Parker displays when a car tips over. It was pretty sad when Nick completely lost it over the derailment. After about a half hour we managed to limit the number of engines each kid was holding to prevent derailment. The spent the whole afternoon playing with the trains. We had to drag them away to feed them dinner. At least until Cody mentioned bath time. I guess the only thing that trumps trains is bath time.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bye Bye trees

We are having a fence installed in the next week. I’m super excited to finally have a safe area for the boys to run around. Currently our back yard has a ditch running behind it with water in it. It makes me very nervous to let the boys play back there right now.
With the fence going in a bunch of trees had to be trimmed out and a couple removed completely. The boys watched the trees being removed and spent the three hours it took for the trees to come down waving and saying “bye bye trees” It was cute and I’m sure they will love having a yard all to themselves.



We’ve had some issues with the neighbor kids being very bossy and bullying the boys. It makes me crazy, the parents of the kids go back in the house as soon as they see us outside. They assume we are there so we are watching the kids. The kids are 4 and 3 years old and normally being supervised by an older sibling who I think is 11. Keeping track of three toddlers is hard enough, 5 is a bit to much for me.
The fence means I can play with my kiddos without having to watch for them for being pushed down or having their cars stolen. It means by the end of the summer we’ll have a water table and maybe even a playground. Today was the first day of what I hope is finally spring, yesterday it snowed. Fingers crossed for nice weather for the boys birthday next week.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Group shot attempts

With my new camera I’ve been taking at least a few pictures everyday. On Monday afternoon the boys had just finished a group time out. After letting them go they stayed on the step so I tried to get a group photo of the boys. It didn’t go so well.


They found touching the ground from the step hilarious.

Top two fails:



I’ll keep trying.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anniversary weekend

This last Sunday Cody and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Saturday we dropped the boys off at a friend and fellow triplet mom’s house. She and her husband took on the boys and their 3 cuties while we went to lunch. We had also planned on going to a movie, but we didn’t want to see anything that is playing. Instead we went to Nickel Mania (the arcade) for a couple hours of pinball, skee ball and some classic games. It was wonderful to have a meal without trying to keep everything out of reach from little hands.

We were told the boys were really good and played nice with the the girls. They seemed like they had a lot of fun. Next time we’ll watch their kids for a weekend so they can have a date.
Sunday we also went out to lunch (thanks Natalie!) and then went geocaching.

We had sort of agreed not to exchange gifts this year, but Cody gave me a new camera. It’s a Sony A55, the same body as his second camera. When we ordered the first one it was so we would have a camera that could also do HD video and in a smaller size to take pictures of the boys when we are out and about. The idea was so that I’d have a camera to use while he had his. Turns out he loves his A55 and prefers to use it, so now I have one of my own. This means I should have more pictures to share since I’m on my own for processing. He’ll still fix the ones that really need it, but I’m okay with less than perfect lighting. I will start using an external flash just for even lighting.

Most of our videos are now taken with the A55, works really well.

As you can see the boys really love their cozy coupes and Cody can’t help but tease them a little. I’m playing with spiking the boys hair, it’s cute but it makes the boys seem so much older. Sadly it doesn’t usually survive nap time.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The boys have added to to the characters they love other than Thomas. Elmo has been a big hit around here. It helps that for valentines day the boys were given two Elmo books. Now they seem to be able to recognize him from at least 20 feet away on shirts, books or other toys. So when I found Elmo pjs I couldn’t pass them up.


It’s so cute to see the boys pointing out each Elmo on their pants to show us or pointing at their brother’s shirts. I know we normally don’t dress the boys in identical clothing, but with pjs we make an exception.

Now if I could only figure out how to use Elmo’s influence to prevent climbing.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Who needs toy strollers?

When the boys have been at other peoples homes or at the children’s museum they have all had a chance to play with toy strollers. They love pushing them around with a baby or a toy. We don’t have any toy strollers, so the boys have improvised. They found that the dump truck was great for baby transport and Parker’s truck works for bunny transport.





A good half hour was spent pushing the baby and bunny around the playroom.  It’s amazing to watch them play and use their imaginations.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

More zoo fun

In addition to taking pictures at the zoo on Friday, Cody also took some video.

I hope we can continue to do a big gathering at the zoo each year. I can only imagine what this group will be next year or even two years from now.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Choo Choo at the zoo

Yesterday the triplet mom group I’m in had our first big mom and kids (and a couple dads) get together at the zoo. It was kind of crazy and very cool to see so many triplets and their choo choo wagons.


In total we had 18 families with triplets that made it to the zoo. Also in attendance was KSL news. They did a short clip on the 5 o’ clock news. You can see a brief glimpse of us and the boys in the clip here. It was a beautiful day to visit the zoo. It looks like spring is here (I’m ignoring the chance of snow we have tomorrow).  The boys had fun seeing the animals and some of the other kiddos that we’ve had play dates with.



After photos were taken we dispersed through the zoo, it was great to keep running into other families that I know all day. Normally the moms get together each month for dinner or an activity or both, it was nice seeing everyone’s kids. I guess it’s hard to find a venue that can hold and entertain 54 triplets, their siblings and parents. The local triplet group has 46 moms in it now. I can only imagine what it would look like if we managed to get everyone together.

More wagon cuteness.


And some amazing moms and friends.