Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When did they get so tall?

It seems like every time we turn around the boys are a little bit taller and their reach just a little bit longer. This usually results in a big mess. In January they were able to reach a bag of bread on the edge of the counter. It was right on the edge and barely in reach. This all took place while I was at work. The same kind of chaos happens when Cody is at work but I don’t usually take pictures.


At least they were sharing.

February it was a kleenex box on the kitchen table.


A few days later up on the counter tops they grabbed a bag of gold fish. After the bread we started keeping snacks further back on the counter top. Just when you think it is out of their reach, they show us otherwise.


Yesterday they pulled a box of crackers off of the stove. Nothing is on the kitchen table as we’ve learned it is no longer safe. Most of the pictures are of the boys getting into food, but they have pulled down paper towels, our mail and anything else within 5 inches of the edge of the counter.

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